Thursday, October 06, 2005

vaspers autumn 2005 poster

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Two way, bi- and multi-lateral communication, as exemplified in the blog, shall bury one-way, pulpit pounding, soapbox shouting, unilateral communication.

Corporations and governments are receiving user comments in addition to sales and votes.

Every segment of every tradition and institution must prepare itself for the inundation of individual voice. The voice is the formerly silent desire of the consumer. The heart of the buyer, shopper, and voter. It's coming at you, and one vehicle it drives is the blog.

"Shut up, revere me, and listen to my every word" the professor, pastor, president, priest, police officer, military commander, corporate CEO used to say.

"Please hush, and now listen to us for a change" comes the rapid refrain.

Customers, students, employees, investors are talking.

If you don't talk with them, they'll talk about that. And they'll go talk with your competitors, many of whom are probably totally unknown to you. Obscure web entities that meet their needs and cater to their desires.

A blog is an information hub. People pause there, soak up the scenary, then move on to vital chores.

Every part of your blog should benefit readers.

Not just your posts, essays, interviews, podcasts.

Even your blogroll should be constructed with user benefits in mind.

Enable users to subscribe to RSS feeds or email updates, let them choose the channel.

Use your sidebar as a sophisticated web site feature and functionality zone. Provide plenty of things to look at, read, or navigate to further information and resources. Make sure you and your blog purpose are sufficiently explained and demonstrated.

A blog consultant's blog should be his or her best advertisement.

If your blog is ugly, poorly written, unmodified template, etc., how can you expect clients to respect what you say about how to blog?

If you teach others how to blog, your own blog should be as immaculate, innovative, entertaining, relevant, reliable, readable, and visually attractive, as coincides with your theory and rhetoric.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Paul Woodhouse said...

Imagine the church, police or military being customer driven.

Some blog consultants including their PR and marketing bozo pals have had to conspire to make blogging mysterious in order for them to create then chase a dollar or two.

Then, rather than do a spot of preaching themselves, will gladly reduce the blog concept to whatever their client requires.

We actually need a few more consultants to tell certain prospective clients to shove it. But, I know that's not too likely either.

I was reading last week (unfortunately I can't find the url) about how blogging networks will go the way of gaming networks.

The same will apply to the current crop of misguided consultants willing to throw something out there for a client because the client has been reading a cavalcade of hyped crap about blogs.

It is the tortoise and the hare, my friend, and the likes of us are the tortoise.

steven edward streight said...

You sing the same tune and I admit it's rather catchy, makes me want to tap my foot.

You have been saying all along this that you now articulate nicely and append to my blog.

We must all try to do more of this: ponder, then add relevant, interesting, insightful user-generated content as comments, to enrich other blogs.

Thanks for that, Paul.

Will get over to Tinbasher and try to do the same.