Sunday, October 23, 2005

universal utopia of free products

universal utopia
free products

Have you noticed how much freeware, free music, free tutorials, free information, free photographic images, free everything is available on the internet?

It just hit me yesterday: all the old business models are doomed. Their little games are done. We're tired of playing them. They make us sick, and we are rebels against them.

Individuals now may own and operate the means of production and distribution.

I prophetically proclaim The End of Corporations and The End of Government.

It's a bloodless revolution, not a single death will occur in the name of reform and progress. To the contrary, this revolution is quiet, shy, and moving at the speed of light.

The stupid recording industry had better quit worrying about people illegally downloading and file sharing their precious "products". I'm opposed to crime and illegal acts, but this is not what will kill the record industry conglomerates.

Free music downloads offered directly by music bands: THIS is what is going to KILL the Record Industry. Good riddance, I say. Charging $120 to see a music "act" is pathetically greedy and inappropriate. And it's not necessarily the artists who reap the profits, it's the corporations.

Free stuff is not necessarily junk. In fact, much of the free material and information is far better quality than the crap being hyped in the Morbid Stream Media and in the old economy stores.

I'm not just a taker. I'm a giver, too. I give tons of free web usability and blogology advice in my blogs. I donate time and services to organizations like the W.D. Boyce Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Soon, I will provide on my blogs some free downloads of music and films I and my associates have made.

I've discovered so much free avant garde music, I may never again buy another CD. Isn't that an interesting concept? I love music, and I have a gigantic appetite for more and more music. I listen to it while I work on the computer. But to look at my 22 CDs I burned over the past week makes me smile.

This is how the internet started. Originally, there was no such thing as a "dot com". Commercial interests have largely failed online, and continue to fail, while the Free Giveaway sites are flourishing. And influencing the entire world.

Sure, it's not "wrong" to try sell things via the internet. But you won't find me hanging out at any commercial sites, with the exception of Barnes & Noble. Yet, even in the case of B&N, it's the free audio clips of music CDs that attracts me. I can get a small sample of what an album is like, prior to buying it.

Of course, it's even better if I can get a whole album, without buying it.

I like the slogan one of the Net Labels has: "Now money won't come between musical artists and the public."

Think of all the artists, musicians, software designers, etc. who are giving their products away for free. Some may hope to sell you upgrades or supplemental items later. But many keep pouring free items into their sites, endlessly, with no hint of seeking "donations" or even praise.

Creators offer free products for the sheer love of making them and delighting others.

Ya gotta love it.

Thanks Blogger, Audacity, iTunes, Weirdo Music, Comfort Stand, Puzzling Recordings, Chenard Walcker, Hello/Picasa, Mozilla Firefox, MixMeister, Google/Gmail, and all the others out there who are benefiting humanity...without greedy lusting after filthy lucre aka grim reapers aka money.

Old proverbs like "no such thing as a free lunch" and "you get what you pay for" still have some limited validity, but are increasingly irrelevant to the contemporary world in which we live.

Viva La Free!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



zafu said...

Yeah, alright!

Coporate pop is dead. Long live human pop.

steven edward streight said...

People may always for eternity earthily crave "corporate schlock rock".

The market for commercial music product may never "disappear", but it will be severely reduced, I prophecy to a tiny marginalized segment.

The vast majority of Everything will tend more and more to being Free.

Money is about to become extinct.

I spit on its ugly grave.

steven edward streight said...

Think about it.

Via the internet, you may see bands perform, hear them, download their music free or for a lousy price, contact them with email, comment on their blogs, download their films and photos, doing everything but throw your panties or a fat jumbo Endo joint at them.

NO need for concerts, records, press releases, etc.

Awesome power to the people. Viva La Ethico-Anarcho-Paradisical Freedom Revolution World of Tomorrow.

Zafufilia said...

¡Que viva!

WD-ELF said...