Saturday, October 29, 2005

True Law of Blogs and Universe

True Law of
Blogs and Universe

There is a nice buddhist mahayana text called The Lotus of the True Law, which led up to my second spiritual awakening, a rare re-start granted to me.

The "true law" is simple, and everyone knows it: all things arise, change, and pass away.

Some buddhist thinkers claim, as does this text, that a profound understanding of this law will result in personal supernatural powers.

Materialistic people will scoff at this and ridicule the "otherworldliness" as a myth and a vain wish. But those of us on an immaterialism path, of whatever faith or philosophy, know these assertions to be true, real, and easily obtained in the right frame of mind.

All things arise.

You see them, hear them, notice them.

All things change.

You lose your "comfort zone" and are forced to deal with variation, evolution, transformation in every object and aspect of life.

All things pass away.

This is the point I want to emphasize and make abundantly clear.

I guess what I want to urge you to do is to remember: You Snooze, You Lose.

Strike while the iron is hot.

He who hesitates is lost (attributed to Napoleon).

For everything (turn turn turn) there is a season (turn turn turn).

The old Byrds song from Ecclesiastes, the most cynical and wonderful spiritual philosophy text ever written. "All is vanity (boredom, meaningless, empty)", i.e, in the materialistic realm.

Yet, in light of the transitory nature of materialistic things, including the mind, Ecclesiastes instructs us to "enjoy your job, be satisfied with your work, your hobby, your life--and seek the Creator".

To eat, drink, and enjoy your lot in life, as much as you can. The tsunami and hurricane victims can say "Amen!" to how everything can be wiped out in a moment. Also, those foolish enough to engage in shopping and financial transactions online, then are victims of Identity Theft.

LESSON: when you see something you need or want, grab it. Ethically and legally, of course, but aggressively and suddenly, whenever possible. But also, try to be content, derive maximum satisfaction from what you DO have now.

EXAMPLE: You see something online, at some web site. A free download, that you trust will not be loaded with malware (virus, Trojan, etc.). Well, you better download it now, or it may not be available the next time you visit the site.

A customer at a record store asks the sales clerk if they have, for example, a certain Deerhoof album on CD. They don't. So the customer asks if they can special order it. It's out of print, or no distributor carries the title.

The customer saw that Deerhoof CD a few weeks ago, but failed to buy it. Now, it's too late, and they may never have it--ethically and legally, that is.

I am against illegal downloading and file sharing. But I think the record industry is insanely greedy and selfish, too. All music bands should provide some free MP3s as samples, that consumers may freely download and do whatever they want with. This is good marketing, and will help the band to become popular and successful. Yet, how many do it?

Refuse to buy music from bands who are greedy and selfish. Boycott the major labels. Let the fat cat record label executives starve and scrounge around for a dollar in the dirt. It'll be good for them. May lead to ultimate enlightenment.

Download legal, free MP3s from net labels instead. It's much better music anyway, the material available from such artists as Rene Vis,

The Apartment, Chenard Walcker, Seven Central and Mountain, Eddie the Rat, Bromp Treb, Full Load of King, etc. (See my blog sidebar links to Weirdo Music, Comfort Stand, Puzzling Recordings, Ubu Web).

All things pass away.

The United Nations is desperately trying to gain total control of the Internet. Did you know that? Would like the assholes in communist China to repress your blog? How about the scumbag government of Iran or North Korea? They want to censor you and your blog. The unbridled blogosphere is driving them crazy.

Root servers are the target of attack. Currently, the United States, a far from perfect country, has jurisdiction over the root servers. But we Americans pretty much invented and continue to maintain the Internet, not the butt wipes at the United Nations. (Oil For Food scandal mongers, and "peace-keeping" UN rapists in Africa.)

Please see "Will the Internet become the UNternet?" article

at Tech Central Station for more information on this bitter battle.

All things pass away.

Even the Internet, your blog, your sanity, your health, your marriage, your family, your home, your life savings, your spirituality...

...everything can be stolen from you, destroyed, made to suddenly vanish.

Let's be aggressive in obtaining what we need and want.

And let's be appreciative, very thankful, for what we do have now.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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Karen said...

Interesting post, Steven.

I also try to keep in mind certain truths, too, such as "This too shall pass" when I'm dealing with certain difficult situations (usually at work). I try to remember that I've lived through far worse and probably will experience worse things in the future. There is no guarantee in life. The person or situation that I'm having difficulty with, will change as everything in life changes. Nothing remains the same forever. It all comes with maturity and really understanding that we are not on this earth for very long and that the moment we are born, we are already dying. Death is inevitable, but so is change. Ya Snoze, Ya Lose - so true.