Saturday, October 29, 2005

MSM please hurry up and die

MSM please hurry up and die

The latest attack on the blogosphere by idiots at Forbes magazine is typical of the rotting, stinking corpse of the MSM.

Forbes sucks.

God, I wish the MSM would just kill itself. Oh wait, it is doing just that. The MSM is way beyond simply "shooting itself in the foot." It's more like "shooting itself in the butt"...or the head, I can't tell the difference.

The blogosphere is helping the MSM. We bloggers are offering assisted suicide services to unplug the life support system of the MSM.

Network television news, radio talk shows, newspapers, the entire edifice is crumbling. Polls indicate that public trust in the Morbid Stream Media is declining rapidly, down to about 30% from what I last heard.

Please, MSM, hurry up and die. We are all sick of looking at your ugly frowning faces, your negative bias, your hatred of goodness and heroism. Your fear mongering and outright lies, a la Dan Rather, are disgusting.

There are some exceptions. I still like C-Span, Book TV, some PBS programs, maybe a few others. But the vast majority of the MSM is dead and the stench of its decomposition is annoying.

Bloggers unite. Make the MSM liars feel your WRATH. Rise up and topple the towering infernos of mainstream journalism. They are digging their own graves metaphorically. All the MSM needs now is a gentle shove, and down the institution will go, into the lake of fire of their own lies and bias.

Fires of media hell are always self-generated by the scumbags presiding at the top.

I spit on the grave of the MSM.

I laugh at the MSM's pathetic attempts to defend itself.

Die, MSM, die. Get it over with. We hate you and we want you to be gone...forever.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Karen said...

The MSM will never die, because there will always be people who refuse to think for themselves, who don't want to know the real story, who could care less about what's happening around the corner from them, much less around the world. It's very sad that these are the people who believe in the MSM and have the power to vote.

steven edward streight said...

You're right, Karen, it, the MSM, may never totally die, but will likely be marginalized.

Everything will be on the Internet, thus any other medium will be relegated to primitive curio and seldom used.

Few listen to AM radio, and more are heading for Satellite Radio, which gives them quantum leap in options, stations, formats, music styles to choose.

Soon we will be able to have always and only what we really like, and skip all the commercials and bad songs and unpleasant styles, according to our tastes.

News tailored to specific interests of user. NO more broadcast, all micro or narrowcast.

steven edward streight said...

As I listen on headphones to Stephen Malkmus and his incredible rock band Pavement, I now post this gem from an email Chris Ritke sent me:


At 49Media, there's a new 'News & Background' section.

I've actually been wanting to ask you if you'd like to post there... I'm inviting some people to write 'smart' stuff there to offset all of the 'dumb' stuff that is coming up.

After speaking with Holland Wilde ( I'm starting to understand that little/grass roots media has to use to the tools of MSM to its advantage: bring in the eyeballs with quirky/sexy/hollywood stuff and then feed them the real stuff.

How are the smart people going to educate the masses about what is going on (this Forbes article, for example) if it's always just the smart people talking to each other?

49media is really getting a lot of hits these days, about 15,000 unique visitors per day - mainly because we got linked to by Friendster.

It shows if you look at what people are searching for... but I really think this is a unique opportunity to expose the 'supermarket' people to the thoughts of the (sadly somewhat elitist in my opinion) 'smart' blogs.

What do you think?