Monday, October 31, 2005

Matador Records rides the Cluetrain to glory

Matador Records
rides the Cluetrain
to glory

[EDIT NOTE: All photos in this post are of the music band Pavement.]

One of the assumptions, proven all over the place, of the new blogo-webocentric Online Economy and Body Militant:

give away tons of free samples
and if possible, the entire product
in its best version and build.

Matador Records free MP3 archives is ahead of the curve.

It's not a net label that has only online music.

Matador is a regular real world, non-virtual record company that provides some of what is clearly, unquestionably, the best alt rock in this world.

Guess what? They not only have stuff to sell, they also have lots of free MP3s you can right click to Save Link As and download, then open in your MP3 player.

All record label, and individual artist, web sites should offer free MP3s of the music their bands make. The free sample is a powerful, proven, predictable way to massively increase sales. For example, the group Dead Meadow announces its "Unreleased MP3 Series" as a treat for online fans. They provide music you can't get at the offline record stores.

Free product results in craving for more, and thus, sales are made.

I compiled a playlist of Matador Records free MP3s that I enjoy so much, I'd like to share it with you now.

Matador Sampler playlist:

(1) Stephen Malkmus "Baby C'mon"
(2) Mission of Burma "Dirt"
(3) The Wisdom of Harry "Sports Boy"
(4) Console "14 zero zero"
(5) Richard Hell "Don't Die"
(6) Pavement "Spit on a Stranger"
(7) Pavement "Here"
(8) Stephen Malkmus "Us"
(9) Pavement "All My Friends"
(10) Stephen Malkmus "The Hook"
(11) Pavement "Greenlander"
(12) Guided By Voices "My Kind of Soldier"
(13) Preston School of Industry "Get Your Crayons Out"
(14) The Double "Idiocy"
(15) Guided By Voices "Gonna Never Have To Die"
(16) The Soft Boys "Mr. Kennedy"
(17) Guided By Voices "The Best of Jill Hives"
(18) Guided By Voices "Of Mites and Men"
(19) Guided By Voices "Father Sgt. Christmas Card"
(20) Stephen Malkmus "(Do Not Feed the) Oyster"
(21) Cat Power "The Greatest"

Stephen Malkmus is the vocal stylist of Pavement. Pavement is one of the most intelligent, artistic, and melodic rock bands ever. There's something about the vocal stylings of Stephen Malkmus that just connects with me, and makes me happy, in addition to the creative, unusual lyrics.

Cat Power's "The Greatest" is astonishingly beautiful. Women will like it tremendously, I'm sure.

Console "14 zero zero" is so amazing, strange, and delightful, it's difficult to describe. A heliumistic delirious disco deconstruction zinger that inhabits your head and heart.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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