Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Idea Itself is Perfect

Idea Itself is Perfect

I got to gazing at the sidebar badges of Buddha and Plato on this blog.

I like Buddha, not because of buddhism ritualism institution (ugh), but due to what he allegedly said.

Gautama Buddha, Sakyamuni, of the warrior tribe, son of the king, rebel against militarism and earthly conquest, was the smartest nondivine human that ever existed or will ever exist.

He completely explained the nature of human conditioned consciousness and he unveiled the mysterious metaphysical laws of this universe.

Plato, interpreter and preserver of Socratic thought, perfectly explained the laws of human reason and ethical standards, the laws that are always already written in our hearts.

And my conclusion from all this gazing and pondering?

Idea is itself perfect.

Your life is taking the course it is meant to follow, if you follow it all the time, all the way to the end.

How you die says as much about you as all your blog posts and conversations put together.

We need a semiotics of dying, an analytic method of evaluating and differentiating the various styles of death, the largely self-chosen and self-created demise of a person's personal existence in this world.

We also need to understand that every thought and deed is inscribed in the Universe's Blog, often called the Mind of God, or the Multi-dimensional Cosmic Self-Awareness.

The universe is familiar with your dreams. It spawned them.

Your blog was pre-determined by forces unknown to you and pervasive throughout the space-time continuum.

Idea itself is perfect.

Your goals, hopes, dreams, concepts are already existing, thus guaranteed to take form somewhere, if not through you in your life, then in some other channel.

Your internal vision of the "ideal blog of mine" can occur in material manifestation.

As I tell myself, and everyone else, my motto:


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

i love this stuff.

steven edward streight said...

How kind and nice of you to say that. I feel big ideas in my head going up against the incredible garbage of life on earth.

MARYBETH said...

Dear Vaspers,
I lift my Glass to Big Ideas in Your head!
They so awaken those that lay dorment in mine.


steven edward streight said...

The text within curls its pages.

zafu said...

either we will keep trying or we won´t, and in either case ¨the universe is familiar¨with our designs, as you say. actually, i would say that our designs are the universe´s designs. and those designs are the designs of a universe of universes, where cosmoses exist as living things and beliebe themselves to be very unique, bold and sometimes chic, like we do... i think they even blog, in their own way. and so on.

zafu said...

language, experience, distance, family, communication, belief, infinity, limits... can we talk the language of the universe? maybe that´s what meditation is?

PS - at the moment, in my particular location, the universe is eating a delicious chocolate bar.

zafu said...

steven, very nice, unique thoughts in this post. enjoyed it.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time and trouble to post comments here as I try vainly to convey my deeper resources and inklings.

I am more inkling than earthling. Think about it.

The more time we spend at the computer, the more ethereal, translucent, and immaterialistically brilliant we become inside.

I can't quite explain, but "virtual" reality, the blogosphere, the digital realm is closer to Pure Spirit, in the Hegelian and Biblical and Buddhist sense, than is a hamburger, er, murder burger.

I am a Proud Tree Hugger and Bomb Eater.

I devour the missiles of men by casting my pacifist glance-laser into their pits of disgrace.

zafu said...

love that "pacifist glance-laser" :)