Thursday, October 06, 2005

enrich other blogs

Enrich Other Blogs...

...and stop worrying about your own blog stats, traffic, comments, and promotions.

Don't Wonder: why isn't my blog more popular?

Think: how can I help another blogger today?

Are there any comments on your blog, from bloggers who are new, who have only a few other blogs linking to them?

Can you visit a blog today that you know is valuable, but you don't spend enough time at? Can you ponder a post there, then add an intelligent, interesting, insightful comment? Or even just an appreciation, a "Thanks for posting that. I always wanted to know more about that topic." ?

Enrich Other Bloggers:

(1) Visit their blog.

(2) Blogroll their blogs.

(3) Publish a post about them.

(4) Invent some personal "honor roll" for your sidebar, and put them in it.

(5) Say nice things about them at other blogs via comments.

(6) Often mention the blogs you really admire, learn from, and enjoy.

(7) Post comments at these blogs.

(8) Email the blog authors and tell them what you like and what you wish were improved in their blogs. Or cheer them on. Or share a joke. Or direct a client to check them out.

(9) Mention them in books, podcasts, and interviews.

(10) Remind them of how you discovered them and give them suggestions for future posts.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Matt S. said...

Great blog. As a person lacking in the ability to code effectively, I do appreciate your call-to-arms so to speak. Blogging is, per se, absolutely outstanding. Be that as it may, blogging will only ever be as good as its particpation. It is in the spirit of this endeavour that I pose this question to you. It may be an overstatement even to call me a novice in computer language, what or where rather, would you suggest I gain the skills in coding to make a blog fun and exciting? ~~Regards, Matt

steven edward streight said...

There are books and online tutorials.

I use Thomas Powell's WEB DESIGN: THE COMPLETE REFERENCE (McGraw-Hill/Osborne), WEBMASTER IN A NUTSHELL by Spainhour & Eckstein (O'Reilly), and Elizabeth Castro's PUBLISHING A BLOG WITH BLOGGER (Peachpit Press).

Online go to W3C, Web Developer Virtual Library, WebMonkey, Evolt.