Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Creativity in Blogs and Music

Creativity in Blogs and Music

[EDIT UPDATE: I meant to mention men and women, gentle readers, that a relative of avant garde composer John Cage telephoned me last night, right before my own music composing session.

Cage wrote often of "chance operations" that result in art and anecdotes. A double coincidence: I had just downloaded the rare album "John Cage meets Sun Ra" (two of my favorite odd musicians) from Ubu Web.


This relative, guy named Jerry Davis, is researching my relative, one Howard Streight, who apparently was a modestly famous artist. I have had a link to info about Howard on my Art Test Explosion site, for over a year now. That's how he tracked me down, a living relative of the artist he was researching. A link that paid off.

See? You need lots of links in your blog or web site, for added value to your readers.]

I don't intend to turn this web usability blog into a "music blog", nor should you even care what music I like, but I pass on these items in the spirit of revealing my creative processes and productions.

The hope is that this information on music, legal music downloading, and free avant garde music downloads inspires you, if not actually able to please or guide you. Your ultimate practical benefit is in mind, as always.

Creativity in blogs and music are very intimately connected for me, in my own ultra-personal life. I listen to all kinds of music as I work on the computer, right now I'm listening to new favorite unknown genius artist: RENE VIS.


At the Rene Vis music web site,


Rene offers several albums for individual song downloads.

I plan to download all of it.

His instrumentals ("Arvytronics" oddly called) are not quite as strong, judging from the few I've heard, as his vocal-music mixes. The non-vocal material seems to be just "okay" techno type jams.

But his vocal songs!

These jingle jangles remind me of a delightful blend of The Residents electro juiciness, Severed Heads triumphant synthesizer stampedes, Joy Division or New Order melodic rock, and Pearls Before Swine psychedelic folk. I"ve downloaded "Captured in Realica", "Train is Passing", "They don't know what I am about" albums entirely or partially, so far.

Songs by Rene Vis that are highly recommended: "Back to Radio", "Honesty Got Lots of Spies", "War Machines Remix", "Honey Lips and Fingertips", "They don't know what I am about", "Over the Mountains", "How Many Songs", "Swansborough Bridge", "Black Vinyl", "Creatures of Conscience", "Teen-ager Man-ager", "Friday Night Forever", "Land of Fun", "Captured in Realica", "Fishes in a Tree"...

...I could go on and on.

If you like bouncy, juicy sythesizer rock, with often very profound and funny lyrics, you can count on Rene Vis to deliver. Innovative and highly enjoyable. Songs that you'll want to repeat play over and over, LOUD. Yeah buddy.

Even if you don't like the music I like or make, still, you can learn something from, for example, song and album titles, or CD cover art. I mean, you can actually learn from, or be inspired by, art in other realms.

Creative process in blogging is similar to what it is anywhere else, in music, cooking, sewing, sculpture, literature, horticulture, painting, mothering, architecture, birding, chess, engineering, sales, marketing.

You familiarize yourself witht the currently most popular *and* the early pioneers and historically acclaimed geniuses. Do NOT stick with only one or the other.

I suggest you balance historical pioneer familiarity with attention to contemporary, popular successes in your field. That will prevent you from being a mere imitative opportunistic dabbler, or a purely theoretical ivory tower aloof bore.

Last night, from about 10PM to 4AM, I worked on a new Steven Streight CompuMusik, my name for what I do when I mutilate sonic electric air.

Why "Audacity Crash Analysis music"?

I had to play re-booter all night long with this. So this is a true "bootleg" recording, requiring constant re-starting of the sound studio.

My Audacity audio editor tool, is a free download that I'm just learning how to work. I can already, intuitively, usually make it do most of what I want to do. But what happened last night?

The goofy thing kept crashing 9 out of 10 times I tried to add an effect on a segment of the sound path.

I suspect that my virtual memory is low for all that I try to do simultaneously. So I close out any windows I'm not using, rather than minimizing them for fast display. I need to defragment my hard drive, empty recycle bin, clean up unused desktop icons, delete cookies, and whatever else I can think of to free up space.

Suggestions from my betters are always welcome.

And, crabby obsessive that I am, I kept forcing it to obey me, over and over and over we struggled like Jacob and the Angel, and the invisible cosmic conflict resulted, through much anguish, and not a few actual pagan cuss words, in my new album.


Steven Streight CompuMusik

"Christian Noise Metaphysics"


1. inside the thought cube (3:47)
2. digital angel jazz piece (4:53)
3. ethereal nature setting (7:35)
4. mental exploration zone (5:04)
5. spiritual swarm attack mode (2:05)
6. life pulsations booster (1:46)
7. filibration-2 (2:52)
8. the day is bright (4:08)
9. desert monk meditation (7:38)
10. the glow (3:18)
11. returnity (16:01)

SSC-003, this third one is all instrumental, no voice, and is far more melodic, songy, softer, gentler than the others, the previous two Audacity-powered computer music albums I recorded a week days ago ("universings" SSC-001 and "New Sounds of Electricity" SSC-002).

I'm working as hard and fast as I can to get MP3s of SSCM music on this blog, hosted at Archives dot org, on Ubu Web, and so forth.

What I hope everyone, all my readers get out of this post, is how to aggressively make art come true, how to assist it in its struggle to survive, how to promote it and describe it, how to tantalize and satisfy.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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René Vis said...

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your visit to my website and positive review. For any creative person it's always good to read the opinion of someone else on his own work, may it be positive or negative. In my believe you never can listen 100% objective to your own music.

And about Arvy Tronics (R.V. Tronics, you see?): Indeed, that's not really my cup of tea. It was merely a try-out about a year ago. In the near future I might use parts of some Arvy-tracks in other compositions.

At the moment I'm working on some new songs, with titles such as "Your Habbit" and "Rosa Parks". I'll keep you (and hopefully others too) informed through my website.
As for now, all the best.