Thursday, October 06, 2005

blogs and immaterialism

Blogs & Immaterialism

Some of you may wonder why a blogologist would claim to have a metaphysical orientation. You may not understand what mysticism and blogs have in common. You may wonder what the connection is.

A blog is the revelation of one mind to another, with an invitation to readers to express their own thoughts.

In a sense, then, a blog is electro-telepathic.

You climb into my head and I climb into yours.

A free and democratic exchange of information, insight, interests.

You read my mind, that part of it that is written into blog posts. Then, when you post a comment, I get to read a portion of your mind as it existed at the time of your comment posting.

Blogs. Electro-telepathic.

...which brings us to the ethereal, digital, virtual: the Immaterial.

Enter the Immaterial

When I blog, when you blog, when we post comments at each other's blogs, if you have a blog...

...we assume each other's human reality, based on text and images.

We cannot see or touch each other in the virtual realm of computer generated reality.

The web is an electronic sphere existing mentally in users as they inhabit it. We use non-materialistic web browsers to surf the electro-landscape of the blogosphere. We rely heavily on logic, expectations, values, ethics, and sometimes law, religion, and mathematics.

The web is mostly mental. Invisible Consensus Configuration.

Enrich Each Other's Blogs

Let's take it, this immaterialism, one step further. How often do you deliberately set out to visit a select list of good blogs, to promote yourself and benefit them, by pondering then posting relevant, intelligent, valuable user generated content via blog comments?

Deliberately set out to enrich other blogs?

How often do you do it?


Blogger Self-Evaluation Forms!

Only available at Vaspers the Grate blog.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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