Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bizarre Beautiful Music Experimentation

Bizarre Beautiful Music Experimentation

Your UMUG music artist update.

Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses proudly announces it's initial line-up of musical artists being distributed.

In addition to my own projects:

* CAMOUFLAGE DANSE (Bennett Theissen & S. Streight)

* CHARLEY HICKEY & THE LOVE BITES (C. Hickey, John Wilson, & S. Streight)


* $10 WORTH OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (C. Hickey & S. Streight)



...we are working in cooperation with Weirdo Music, in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

Under a Creative Commons license, Weirdo Music and UMUG are pleased to present the Best in Extreme Musical Innovation:

"Numerology" Compilation artists:




...with many more to come.

SPECIAL NOTE: The WM Recordings album "Numerology" is one of the most amazing, bizarre, and fun music products I personally have ever heard. Containing 19 songs about numbers, the sheer musical innovation and experimentation, so charming that children would love it, this has to be heard to be believed.

NOW...what about you?

Are you conducting musical experimentation that is completely uncommercial and ahead of its time?

Do you create "difficult" music?

Music that doesn't sound like anything anyone's ever heard before?

Unusual singing voice?

Bizarre or cleverly radical lyrics?

Songs that rip the lid off dysfunctional society?

Music that seems to come from another dimension?

We at Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses may be interested in promoting and distributing your sound.

In keeping with the Internet Information Revolution, most music is distributed to the public FREE of charge. You can go directly to the WM Recordings web site and download the albums yourself. The WM music cannot be used for any commercial, money-making (yuk!) purpose, unless you obtain the express permission of the artist.

I just click on "Download entire album" which include CD cover art and artist info, extract contents of the zip file, move each file into "My Music" on my hard drive, then "Add to Library" in iTunes, create a new playlist with the album name as title, and copy and paste each track into the new playlist.

I burn CDs that approximate 80 minutes in length. If an "album" is short, for example, just 30 minutes, I will add "Bonus Tracks" from other WM Recordings, to fill up the CD.

WM Recordings I have listened to and enjoyed so far:

wm 020 "Numerology"
(absolutely exactly what we're looking for)

wm 021 "Captured in Realica" by Rene Vis
(another phenomenal recording, funny, strange, yet good melodies and beats--distinctively unique)

wm 023 "Summer 2005" by Gorowski

wm 012 Happy Elf

wm 013 "Volare Possum" by Klaz

wm 014 "Teleopsis Belzebuth" by Zloty Dawai

They just added on Oct. 16, 2005 the new recording "Tribute to the 365 Days project" by Jan Turkenburg: wm 027.

Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses. The music production, recording, and distribution network for discerning prodigies and off the wall wave riders.

I will soon attempt to post MP3s of UMUG music selections here at Vaspers the Grate blog. I know two or three of my readers might be curious to hear a few seconds of CAMOUFLAGE DANSE or even STEVEN STREIGHT COMPUTER MUSIQUE.

Put your ears on the pioneer path.

Email me, or post a comment, for more details.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...


Weirdomusic said...

Erm... so it seems that you like my label a lot? :-)

best wishes,
WM Recordings/

zafu said...

Fantastic! I love the numbers compilation. Thanks for the intro.

steven edward streight said...

Weirdo Music: Aw, shucks, I don't really have what you humans refer to as feelings or thoughts, but inhabiting action is something I do do.

I'm going to do a second post on Weirdo Music soon.

It reminds me of ESP-Disk, Black Noise/It's War Boys collective, WFMU, all that good stuff.

You have opened the door to an entire linked world of Cut & Paste musique, as in Chenard Walcker and his devotees.

DATAPANIK is cool.

JAN TURKENBURG, TERRY DOUGLAS, JJ, CHICKY ARAD, all great, dreamworld musics.

I have been exploring THE SAND, FEVER DREAMS, OKAPI, LULLABELLE, etc. from Comfort Stand, which also has many free download albums or EPs, and I've gone to CHENARD WALCKER's site.

Immense amount of fascinating surreal John Cage influened material.

Nice new realm to soak up sonically speaking.

Keep it up.

Anxiously awaiting new offerings.

Guillermo said...

?avant garde classical music? Eh, ¿que es? Errr...sloppy thinking....or sounds produced and promoted by sloppy thinkers? Perhaps both. Classical meaning music produced in the bracket 'tween Baroque and Romantic, 'twixt 1756 and 1830. Y avant-garde? (so quaint a Zurich laggardly US bohos tripping over inter-war Europe and cleaving it to their collective bosom too long...'til the pips squeaked circa '56) Classical avant-garde? O...of course...Varese... maybe the Futurists and Soviet factory steam whistle merchants...or, no, not Cage...not Ligeti surely? not Boulez? What's wrong with good old down home contemporary music....if that's what it is? Music produced in the now. But then, of course, some barabian (or a barbarian will do) will come along and start throwing out phrases like classical contemporary and/or contemporary if talking of a golfing competition. How do The Necks sit between your ears?

steven edward streight said...

Guillermo is said to by Vaspers The Grate (an historique cull oafficial statement for members and members of the dismembered, barely remembered "press"):


"Music is rarefied air." Busoni

"Originally music, pre-human music, prehistoric music was simply thunder, birdsong, chirping, caves whistling in the wind, dogs barking, twigs snapping under hoof. All human music is a deviation and perversion of the original natural compositions." Vaspers

All human "rules" about "classical", "avant garde", "noise", etc. -music:

arbitrary, based solely on convention, consensus...

Thus, no Profound Discussion of what all men call "Music" can exist or be conducted, without a tongue in cheek.

All music categories and criticisms are self-parodying and phantasmical.

We debate mere mists wafting by.

"Classical Music" should maybe be called "Symphonic" or "Orchestral", that certain style that dumb ass modern composers apishly imitate and call their work "new opus by..." and it all sounds the same.

Even Varese sounds, to me, like Bach.

John Adams, I love, but he is still, like Cage and Ligetti and Penderecki, just Mozart again.

Even Xenakis, the pure Greek genius, is more Stravinsky who is more of everybody else who ever picked up string instruments and composed for, or played, them.

I call for the Forces of "Music", organization of sound, to transcend categories, mix Country, Jazz, and Techno. Now. But leave rap out of the mix. I hate rap. All rap. Oh, and opera sucks too.

zafu said...

You know, for a Derrida-influenced thinker you are hopelessly stuck in the mud when it comes to rap, steven. Come on... you hate all rap? Sure some of what's out there that's called "rap" now is drivel on the level of the worst musical offenses, but haven't you ever felt moved by a Public Enemy anthem or by a De La Soul ditty? Rap is very textural, and I grant you it can get irritating, but you won't convince me that it's a lesser form of music or "derivative" or of any of the usual reasons rap-haters give for their distaste. And rap is more concerned with the popular reach of music and expression than most musical forms, to the point that it is almost folkloric, if you think about it... which if you ask me, makes it a more viable and adaptable and extensible and closer to the hearts of people than any other form of music, than classical music even. And if you simply mean that you personally don't like it, I challenge you to take a rap song like "Sally" by Stetsasonic or "The South Bronx" by KRS One, listen to it, and report back to me in detail about why you didn't enjoy it. I would love to hear why. Honestly, I am on a mission here...

steven edward streight said...

I assume you know of the pimp-poet origins of rap music and the braggadocio substance of its perils.

I have tried to listen to some rap, but I cannot stand more than 12 seconds of it. The boastful whimpering, the abusive speech toward women and whites, the filthy language, the materialistic greed and pomp...

...I cannot take it.

I also hate all opera singing and operas.

Aside from all rap, all opera, and all death metal, I like basically all other forms of organized sound.

I have not heard one rap song I ever liked anything about.

I don't like the Beastie Boys.

I don't like how they dress, walk, talk, pass signals, or treat ladies. I don't like how they sing about gangsters and guns.

As a pacifist, feminist, and deconstructionist, I have to vote NO to rap.


I'm deeply into Cut and Paste Sound Collage Music, Artist Collective Improv Electronics, Industrial Noise, and Avant Garde Folk.

guillermo said...

Yep, I mostly agree....(with your comments on my comments)
Until comparatively recently I considered all opera to be circus-ringed, over-trained voices, accompanied by over-dressed virtuosi reaching for a version of over-strained emotion. But or two overtures, a couple of duets. But the main reason for my ire towards opera was the ever present sniffy cognoscenti.
( Is Carla Bley's Escalator Over the Hill opera? Who cares...) And then a few chunks of Glass...and Maxwell-Davies and a couple of Max's protegés....
And rap, all rap, all (c)rap, I could not abide (apart from Gil Scott Heron). But then, just recently...just one or two unknown refrains amused.
Laughter is the music of the soul...
I wholeheartedly agree with the Forces of "Music", organization of sound, to transcend categories, mix Country, Jazz, and Techno. Yep.
If you have time try checking out BBC Radio 3 Late Junction; BBC Radio 3 Mixing It; BBC Radio 3 Hear & Now (the latest programmes form a celebration of Xenaxis: Xenakis - Architect in Sound: First of two programmes recorded at the recent Xenakis Festival, featuring pianist Rolf Hind and the London Sinfonietta directed by Diego Masson.
Xenakis - Architect in Sound: 2/2. Robert Worby introduces the Arditti Quartet, joined by Nicolas Hodges in an all-Xenakis concert; and BBC One Music (From techno and bleeps to ambient and acoustic, it's here!).
All categorisation of music forms is a dull brain exercise. Make noise. Celebrate silence.

zafu said...

Well, I respect your stance, although I disagree and think that you have not listened to the origins of rap as I listened to them. The Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, KRS One, Public Enemy (and many more) are all examples of rap artists that did not indulge in the kinds of anti-feminist, racist semantics you describe in your last reply. When PE raps about "fighting the power" I don't hear anti-white rhetoric, but a simple political protest against the status quo. I think the rap you've been listening to is the "pop rap" or "rapsploitation" that has become popular in the mainstream in the last decade. I grant you there have been a lot of artists, even artists I would consider "legit" (EPMD, NWA, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg) that promulgate(d) an ethos of hate against women, white people and others, but when you examine only that side of rap you don't get a full picture of it. On the other hand, you are entitled to like what you like. I happen to like *some* operas/parts of operas... And I *love* speed metal -- was at an Anthrax concert recently. Cut and paste music is great, but I need organic, "of the peopl" music in my aural diet.

René Vis said...

Great thing that you included my music in your project. Just as information: Recently I started my own website, where you can listen to or download more of my tunes:
kind regards
René Vis

steven edward streight said...

Rene Vis: I am quite honored that you visited the little blog to post a comment.

I just gave a CD of your "Captured in Realica" album, a masterpiece of tremendous beauty and humor, to my younger brother, as one of his birthday gifts.

I told him that, out of 22 CDs I had burned from all the Weirdo Music, Comfort Stand, Free Sample, and Puzzling Recordings material, Rene Vis was one of the best.

Right now I'm amazed at you, Chenard Walcker, Deerhoof, The Apartment, Bromp Treb, and Eddie the Rat.

You Rene remind me a lot of the old ESP-Disk artist Ed Askew. Ever heard any of this New Jersey label from the 1960s and 1970s?

Weirdo Music will always be my first love in Net Label music. And you are one of its shining stars, IMHO.

Anxiously awaiting more material from you, dear friend.

You live where?

René Vis said...

Never thought my music would ever be a birthday present. But it's great to hear. I live in Haarlem, that's a city near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. And no, I never heard about Ed Askew, but I'm going to search the Net for him. Anyway, thanks for your positive reaction to my music. On my website you can find more of it.

steven edward streight said...

Rene: I will visit your web site and let you and my readers know what I think of your other music. I'm very excited to hear more.

"Over the Mountains", "Honesty Got Lots of Spies", "Fishes in a Tree", "Bling Bling" ("i think is a material thing"-- ha ha, funny dude!)...are all songs that stick in your head till you're dead.

Way to go Rene. Strangely beautiful, odd but wonderful voice, cool synth plumps, good sense of melody, rhythm, variation.

Outstanding work. You are the next Pearls Before Swine. Do you know of Thom Rapp and his Pearls Before Swine band, also recorded on weird ESP-Disk? I plan to get the new "Wizard of Is" CD by them, a collection of rarities. You seem similar to this music, but more electronic than they ever got.

Chenard Walcker said...

Yo !!?
The principle of just one sample looped all along the song, while the MC toasts in the mike, can be either very boring or beautiful ! I think the soundtrack of "Ghost Dog" by The RZA is GREAAAAT ! Check also Audio Two (80's), or even The Last Poets (70's, hum, not rap).
A song dedicated to Audio Two here :
Cheezy Cheers

steven edward streight said...

Chenard Walcker: you seem to be the foremost Cut & Paste music artist.

I have your "Vize Verze" and "Le Football de Collage" albums on CD, plus tracks from various sample compilations and 5 songs from your "Houseplant" album.

I am very impressed with your music, especially "Rock and Roll Boy".

Keep up the great work.