Monday, October 31, 2005

Auto-corrective aspects of the blogosphere

Auto-corrective aspects
of the blogosphere

Forget fears of anonymous bloggers, with no accountability and no vulnerability, swarming a helpless individual or company.

Forget massive deception and misinformation flooding the blogosphere.

These are the pseudo-dangers the MSM sometimes, in humiliating desperation, attempts to sling around.

The blogosphere is not a passive medium that can be overwhelmed with unquestioned error. It's an active, a hyper-active arena in which turbulence is progressive energy and aggressive conviction fuels the engines.

If one blogger starts claiming something to be true, others bloggers and blog readers-commenters will investigate the qualifications of this blogger, judge the objective merits of the claim, try to verify sources and evaluate their credibility, then either agree or argue.

A deliberate lie will be smothered in negative comments, trackbacks, and posts at other blogs.

There are massive numbers of blogs on every conceivable topic and for a large range of applications, from slow chat room personal blogs to scientific project collab intranet blogs.

Bloggers watch each other, policing each others posts and links.

News travels so quickly in the blogosphere, a bad or false idea has little chance of survival, except through some miracle of escaping attention, going under the radar in a strategic incognito mode.

Blogs of a feather flock together--to question, to ridicule, to challenge any idea or alleged facts presented by fellow bloggers.

Bloggers email each other, they use RSS feeds and email subscription services, and they monitor the conversations occuring in the blogosphere via various tracking systems and monitoring techniques, many of which are not divulged.

In fact, we have many secrets we're unwilling to share with just anybody. One of these secrets is how and why the MSM will fool, fail, and fall.

There are other self-regulating aspects of the blogosphere, and when you consider them all, and the incredible velocity of their enforcement, you can no longer seriously maintain that the blogosphere is a realm of random anarchy and irresponsibility, full of unseemly, unfairly influential psycho-jabbering by losers and nobodies.

Quite the reverse.

Viva Le Blog.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Dennis Howlett said...

Largely true I guess but look at the mess in parts of Wikipedia - it's been getting seriously flayed recently by Carr and Orlowski. Whether you like their analysis or not is irrelevant - they make important points that don't get answered in the broo-ha-ha surrounding a lot of this stuff.

In the real world, people want reassurance they're not going to get bitten in the butt. And no-one can provide that assurance.

So I hope you're right about the self-correcting nature of this but I'm not convinced - yet.

steven edward streight said...

I appreciate your comments, Dennis.

I admit that this self-correction is not perfect or infallible.

Similar to alleged "checks and balances" in United States government. Judicial activism is making a mess of this self-correcting system, as is Congress no longer declaring war.

Our government is no longer of the people, by the people, or for the people...when the Executive Branch, any President, can send troops to foreign lands to fight for oil and economic/militaristic goals.

Only Congress is supposed to have the right, representing constituents, to declare war. We don't even declare war, the government makes crazy claims, then our young poor people die for the old rich people.

So let's hope the self-correcting aspects remain strong and effective in the blogosphere.