Monday, October 10, 2005

Audio editors and virtual music composing

Audio editors and
virtual music composing

In my quest to provide you, dear and not so gentle reader, with music and lectures, ear candy as they say, I downloaded some freeware from SourceForge, upon recommendation by About [dot] com.

Audacity audio editor seems to be great.

My first quick impressions derived from repeated "no time to read the Help Instructions" attempts to interact intuitively with the product: it's got a simple, fast-response interface based on Windows operations.

Of course, I moved so fast, the data scrambled and everything froze, browser crashed.

I work too maniacally fast for any interface to keep up with me so far. I crashed an enormous, expensive digital music workstation synthesizer at the university back in 1993, punching too many commands too fast to cause a catastrophic overload.

Point-and-click and click-and-drag are the primary navigation system of Audacity for Windows OS, and, from what little I did with it last night, it is remarkable.

I will attempt to use Audacity to transfer my own original music from cassette to CD, CD to MP3 or many other file formats (no proprietary files however), to post MP3 and other sound files on my blogs, and to generate new music and soundscapes as a computer composer.

As a professional music composer, I provide music for various ambient or direct applications. Since my blogs are like my cars, I wish to have not only nice decor and abundant power, but also a sonic environment for those who wish to view my blog to the accompaniment of abstract instrumental music made by non-present instruments.

Virtual musical instrument composition consists of making music in which the instruments don't exist but the music does, is generated by digital electronic simulations of existing or theorized musical instrumentation.

I plan to start my own experimental music studio (1) and recording label (2) for practitioners of extreme innovation only.

(1) Catastrophic Whispers Computer Sound Studio

(2) Unlistenable Music/Unknown Genius Recordings

{signed} Steven Streight also known as Vaspers the Grate

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