Thursday, October 06, 2005

7 blogs 7 days

7 Blogs 7 Days

Here are 7 blogs I will be visiting, posting comments at, and blogging about, during the next 7 days:

(1) Blog Business World
Wayne Hurlbert

(2) Jeffrey Veen

(3) Zeldman Daily Report

(4) Chris Pirillo

(5) Portals and KM
Bill Ives

(6) Blogger Buzz

(7) Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog

I will be analyzing, complimenting, questioning, and sharing the best of these blogs with you.

Now, how about you?

Are there blogs you feel you ought to be visiting more often, but keep forgetting?

Can you think of 7 blogs you could start going to, and learn something from their good qualities and their mistakes?

Join me in 7 Blogs 7 Days.

Start whenever you are able. Interact with the blog, the blog author, and the blog fan base, as much as possible during your 7 Blogs 7 Days experiment.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Anonymous said...

I'm glad we made your list of seven. We look forward to your comments.
Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog.

steven edward streight said...

I lived in the Chelsea Hotel one day in the late 1980's, around 1988.

I was in a punk-noise-electronic band, CAMOUFLAGE DANSE, and my girlfriend Vava Vol and I stayed there one day and night.

I wanted to record a "Live at Hotel Chelsea" performance of my band there. But stupidly, I didn't force the guys to do it, but I regret it now.

Sometime in near future, if there is such a thing as near and future combined, I wish to do a solo electronic music show there, in a room at the Chelsea Hotel.


Zafufilia said...

Buddha and Plato... Isn't that like tequila and kahlua?

Zafufilia said...

I work in that area. However, I have not been by there in twenty years. And I've never been in it. I'd meet you there to make a record though...

One of my favorite movies of the '80s is Sid and Nancy, which depicts her demise at the hotel. I am fascinated by the way Chloe Webb says "Siiiiiiiiiid.... But SSSsiiiiiiiiid."

steven edward streight said...

My band CAMOUFLAGE DANSE, music of which is now available in an album "Our Sound", which I will try to feature as an audio blog here at Vaspers the Grate, was more everything than Sid's.

After I saw SID AND NANCY film in a midtown NYC movie theatre, I accidentally bumped into a guy walking down the street holding a martini, which I had inadvertently sloshed by stumbling into him.

I mumbled some apologetic text, then he, not hearing it or thinking it sufficient, started to get smart with me, complaining about the sloshing of his beverage, and reaching for his back pocket.

That meant he was going for his knife.

Zafufilia said...

What happened next??

steven edward streight said...

I'll give you a hint: I'm still here to blog about it.