Friday, September 09, 2005

you are the blogosphere

You Are the Blogosphere

How many blogs do you visit every, or almost every day?

How many blogs do you visit every week or so?

How many blogs do you visit about once or twice a month?

How many blogs do you visit almost never, very rarely, but you will not remove them from your bookmarked favorites, or your blogroll?

All those blogs you visit, plus your own, is your version of the blogosphere. No one lives in the entire realm, only within a tiny neighborhood. While there may be sporadic excursions to unknown territories and exotic locales, most blog activity habitually occurs in a small section of the sphere.

When a visitor is reading your blog, for that moment, the blogosphere is you, your blog, your personality radiating through it. The blogosphere can only be a progressive composite entity, experienced one blog, one post, one word at a time.

Also--when you are interviewed, podcasted, blogged, your legend is a strand in the historic fabric of Blog Revolution Phase 3.

Engulfing each blog is a vast and complex cloud of victors, pioneers, innovators, experi-mentors, visitors from the future and more advanced civilizations, comment posters, lurkers, trackers, directories, feed transmitters, and all the blogs of millions upon millions of other bloggers.

Yet, in spite of this immersion, a person's actual contact with the blogosphere is you--when, and for as long as, that person is reading your blog.

We should all have a long list of reasons why we continuously analyze and improve our blogs. We want to have an evolving, living, breathing blog -- with an almost intoxicating fragrance of idiosyncratic extremity associated with it, following in its wake, wherever it goes.

How easy is your blog to read?

What new functions, features, or enhancements have you made lately?

What new blogging, programming, or computing skills are you learning to master these days?

What non-blogospheric writing inspires you? What medium? What authors? What topics?

How many books do you buy each day, week, month, or year?

How many books do you read, from start to finish, each year?

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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