Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Happened to Vaspers?


I'm sorry to report that Vaspers the Grate is NOT dead, though it may have seemed that way.

My wife and I were in the process of moving to a bungalow, and we canceled our MSN dial-up, after experiencing a week worth of multiple connectivity problems.

So we had no internet connection for several days. Another delay was the move itself. We moved the computers last. Delicately.

Then I had to go and fall down a flight of stairs. Broke my scapula, the back of my shoulder. As a final impediment, we had a little trouble with our new broadband cable connection, which was, a few minutes ago, resolved by 800 number phone to a great customer service department.

I can't type very good with my broken scapula, but I will do the best I can.

I was not on any "vacation from blogging", nor had I run out of things to say (you should be so lucky).

Everything will be back to abnormal quite soon now, here at Vaspers the Grate and my other blogs.


carrie said...

sorry to hear of your injury; but, glad to hear you're still rearin' to go.

steven edward streight said...

What's weird is that I didn't care when I would finally be able to connect to the internet and visit my own blogs and the blogosphere.

I was so busy moving, and cleaning, dismantling the old garden, doing yardwork at new bungalow, and all that associated stuff, too busy and tired to worry about computer realm, for the first time in years.

I had a vague sense of unease, feeling detached from my blog, which is me to a large extent. So a huge part of my ephemeral transient morphological self was...dead.

I also believe that blogging can be a daily devotion and there are hourly events in the beloved blogosphere to stay attuned to, so that was a drag, being separated from the Two-Way Web Communication & Publishing Revolution.

Good to hear from you again, my fond friend.

Voix said...

Goodness gracious, what an ordeal. Hope you mend quickly and without too much pain.

Glad you're back online and raring to go.

steven edward streight said...

what does that mean, rarin'?

MARYBETH said...

OUCH! I guess the astrological forces are coming down hard all over our continent. Lost my dear 43 yearold brother in law to massive heart attack. been back on the right coast again almost 2 weeks now(it all blurs together) 5 days round the clock intensive care-life support- 5th day disconnect, then 5 hrs till he left his physical body. 3 beautiful children, his wife my sister, so much love , so much pain, yet so much life to be carried on.
Heal well dear vaspers.
It is an hour by hour process

steven edward streight said...

While I don't believe in astrological forces, I do believe that there is a massive change about to occur in the world, and in the blogosphere.

I'm very sad to hear about your brother in law, dying at such a young age.

I have very little pain, except when I try to use the left side of my upper body for anything.

Typing is quite difficult, but not impossible.

I had already finished most of the hard heavy work that was needed on our house and property.

I am now considering how to proceed with my blogs, especially Vaspers the Grate.

I cannot post new material to Blog Core Values: "Error: your main template is empty."

What the heck dang does that mean?

I may be introducing a new member of the Vaspers team soon, a computer hardware expert who may start contributing posts. I tried to convince her to start her own blog, but I need to understand her business plan better.

She said, "Telling me to start a blog is like telling me to plant a garden."

So I told her how to plant a garden.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Welcome back! There was a lot of crazy stuff happening. Glad to have you here to keep it even crazier....

steven edward streight said...

Oh, I'll keep it crazier. No problem in that arena. You want crazier? Coming right up.