Monday, September 12, 2005

twelve televisions (yellow)

twelve televisions (yellow) Posted by Picasa

twelve televisions (yellow)

a colorized re-version of an earlier black and white image of twelve magno-spasmodic cathode ray tubesets

our 5 sensory inputs, plus 1 imagination (6 sets), display and reflect, resulting in 12 events.


"Behind opposed positions lie shared and compatible interests, as well as conflicting ones. We tend to assume that because the other side's positions are opposed to ours, their interests must also be opposed....In many negotiations, however, a close examination of the underlying interests will reveal the existence of many more interests that are shared or compatible than ones that are opposed." (p. 43)

Roger Fisher and William Ury (of the Harvard Negotiation Project), Getting to Yes (Penguin Books, 1983)


"A traditional publisher or vendor is likely to believe that on-line customers would find the greatest value in being able to access individual resources....The extent to which this business person would admit the value of interactivity would be to acknowledge that value in dealings between member and author/publisher or member and product/service vendor.


In contrast, the virtual community organizer would argue that the distinctive value of on-line environments is their ability to capture and accumumlate member-generated follows that the real focus of interactivity is interactivity between the community members themselves..." (p. 37)

John Hagel III and Arthur G. Armstrong, Net Gain (Harvard Business School Press, 1997)

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"If you're in charge, you have to encourage the flow of bad news, because if you don't, bad situations get worse..." (p. 136)

"The mark of a real pro, no matter what the business, is recognizing that the absolutely best business information you can get is never found in a report, or other second-hand information. It's a steady diet of nose-to-nose, constant, immediate, unfiltered feedback from your customers and employees." (p. 137)

Harvey MacKay, Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive (William Morrow, NY 1988)


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