Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Truth Trust Campaign

Truth Trust Campaign
for Higher Level Blogging.

(1) Universal Democracy: individual voice vs. institutional tradition and centralized control.

(2) Participatory Progress: anti-hierarchical, non-patriarchal, active voluntary conscious multi-nodal inclusion of all players and spectators.

(3) Forward Through Fight Zones: front line rules back end.

(4) Aggressive Ideology: strong presentation of mission, products, benefits, adverse considerations, available functionalities, intended audience.

(5) Gated Interactivity: users protected from -- spam, troll, pornpuff, clink clone, pharm-phish, spoofer, baiter, linkfarmer, textlink fraud, identity theft, anonymous assault, predatory lurkers, forum abuse.

(6) Fast Responsivity: interaction as personal conversation, culminating in cordial community building and rapid idea propagation.

(7) Accountable-Authoritative: researched facts, probing questions, justified disgrunting, lavish information extraction, radical innovation, internally consistent methodologies, externally effective strategems, elegant theories, vigorous hypotheses, educated opinions, phenomena-dictated doctrines, non-transient axiomatic conundrumata.

(8) Flexible Finality: firm in values, allegiances, and obligations...but ready to re-prioritize and otherwise adapt to change, contrary input, misgivings.

(9) Confrontational Combativity: quick to step to the plate of any relevant controversy, not shy about asserting the supremacy of the Core Values of Blogging, error exposure, persecution of criminality and mediocrity, and universal voluntary compliance with best practices.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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