Wednesday, September 07, 2005

recede into the ecliptic

recede into the ecliptic

...recede = cede back, withdraw, go back, return to other side, loop around to origin, move backwards, recoil from a progressive assault, retreat for temporary rest...

...ecliptic = the sun's illusory annual path around the earth which is actually in orbit around the sun which orbits a galactic hub that orbits a system center as it orbits a spinning pedigree of serendiptitious splendor...


"I have gone out of my way to be provocative, mischievous, and unclear, reflecting my belief that clarity is sometimes overrated, and that shock, obscurity, playfulness, and intrigue (carefully articulated) often stimulate more thought than clarity.

A friend of mine tells me that it is a mistake to challenge readers to think, because most readers simply want to hear what they already know and agree with, expressed with minimum personality and maximum blandness.

I would probably do this if I could, because those books seem to sell best...

But...a playful, provocative, unclear but stimulating book could actually be more worth your money than a serious, clear book that tells you what to think, but doesn't make you think."

Brian D. McLaren
(Youth Specialties, Zondervan, 2004)


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carrie said...

very cool quote.
also, the imagery of 'receding into the ecliptic' is provocative as is the accompanying image.
sometimes mysteries can be infuriating, but that's better than being told what to think.