Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Opus Onus

Opus Onus
of the blogger is to:

* practice to perfection both
endo and exo blogging.

* exo-blog: to blogify the external world.

* transmute all media
into two-way conversations.

* be as candid, direct,
entertaining, unique in
"real" (non-blog) life as you are,
or seem to be, in your blog.

* invade other realms of life
with the core values of blogging.

* transplant blogospheric
attitudes, energy, and dedication
in the soil of exo-blogistic life.

This blogtivism includes providing audience Q & A (questions and answers) in every speech, lecture, or interview.

You are roused by your own aim to transform the exo-blogistic realm into a reflection of the diverse ideology, aggressive thinking, radical questioning, blunt opinionating, participation liberty, and inflammatory controversy of the blogosphere.

You are a Blog Ambassador, representing the Best of the Blogosphere, in *everything* you do and *everywhere* you go.

Your mission is to topple the pillars and dissolve the foundations of institutionalized enforcement of passive receptor, unilateral communication.

Exo-blogging to the ends of the earth.

"You're a blawwgggerr?" they ask and tremble.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Fit in with the
Truth Trust Campaign.


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