Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina War Zone

Hurricane Katrina War Zone

From the first images I saw of the damage, I thought it looked like a nuclear holocaust or meteor strike. With all ouradvanced technology and enlightened moral compass, we humans remain as helpless, or more so, against natural disasters, as cavemen.

When the animals and birds head north, or to the high ground, you follow their example.

Actually cavemen, who I presume were more in touch with nature and deluge legends, probably would have more cunning and a better survival rate. Especially since they were not dependent on "society" or "government agencies" for practically everything: food, water, energy, medicine, transportation, protection, cohesiveness.

Now we see how our technology and interdependencies are crippling us.

My heart is breaking for the victims, the children, the elderly, the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, everyone in the path of this catastrophic storm.

QUESTION: Where is the foreign assistance?

What are England, Europe, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, etc. doing for the United States? Sending "condolences" is a sarcastic insult, and you and I know it.

I did a Google search on "hurricane katrina foreign aid" and got guess how many results? Zero. Now I'm not the world expert on search, but this seems like a logical key phrase to use, does it not?

People, this is sickening, pathetic, insulting. Where is the wonderful "world community" when we need it? Nowhere, that's where.

If you have any reports to the contrary, I'd love to hear them.

News from the War Zone

Here's a quote from Michael Brown, the director of FEMA:


"Some kids [referring to the plundering rapists and murderers] think it's just a game [Grand Theft Auto video game?].

They've somehow got their hands on a gun, perhaps by breaking into a sporting goods store.

But the 82nd Airborne is down there, and they don't like to be shot at....

...This is a war zone we're working on right now.

Guys in camouflage outfits are going to change the mood in this city [New Orleans] significantly."


Ya gotta love it. Kill those lousy slugs.

I'm highly in favor of the "shoot to kill" policy of the military against internal enemies, the looters, rapists, bandits, marauders, fire starting maniacs, and those who fire weapons at rescue or supply vehicles.

Gasoline and oil truckers are scared to attempt to enter the affected areas, fearing that vandals and homocidal thrill seekers will fire at them, causing their trucks to explode in a fiery hell.

So I cheer on the military and law enforcement: shoot to kill.

Now, check out these typically brain-dead statements from MSM journalists questioning Michael Brown, director of FEMA...


MSM journalist 1: "Why is it more dangerous at night than during the day?"

MSM journalist 2: "Have there been any arrests of those who fire weapons at rescue workers?"

Michael Brown: "FEMA is not a law enforcement agency."


NOTE: All quotes from C-SPAN, a decent MSM outlet.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

we are supposed to be one of the richest most powerful countries in the world. the MSM want us to believe that the victims here are to blame for their own situation. it's not OUR fault. these people are obviously messed up. we can't even HELP them.. (sarcasm)
this reality of the USA is thinly veiled. so easily, the facade is broken.

steven edward streight said...

We are not so rich nor so powerful.

We owe trillions to international bankers. We have a trade deficit. The Japanese and Chinese are buying American real estate and corporations.

I accuse the idiot mayor of New Orleans for not ordering the evacuation in a more timely manner and for not providing buses for the poor.

The major beneficiaries of this Katrina disaster will be the con artist charities. As usual.

Remember how slow the Red Cross scum were in getting money to 9-11 victims, and how they spent much of the donations on their offices and other causes, diverting the funds away from the 9-11 victims.

Zafufilia said...

I agree with Carrie's assessment that this is a moment when truth peeks through the veil of what we believe is real about the country.

The mayor of New Orleans is no more an idiot than the army corps of engineers, who designed the stopgates to withstand category three hurricanes but not four or five. The army corps of engineers is no more idiotic than the budget-makers who cut their budget in New Orleans for three years running. The budget-makers are no more idiotic than the people who put them in office. This is all of us, and we have to wise up to it. We're talking disaster on a catastrophic scale, and beyond the problems of this storm and this flooding, this week, the thing has opened up questions about where we are as a people -- not because we haven't seen disasters before, but because it is so clear in this case that poverty and race were major determinants in who was able to get to safety and who got caught in the deathtrap. I don't believe that things as they are in the Gulf Coast this week got to where they are because any one person did or didn't do the wrong or right thing, but because millions did and didn't. Yeah we all wish someone had remembered to provide buses for the poor, old and sick (if not the stubborn) to evacuate, but come on... this is just the straw that breaks the camel's back. How about working so that this doesn't have to happen again at this scale? New Orleans this week, LA in the 90s, and where to next? If we think this week is a shame and we don't want to do it again anytime soon, we really ought to remember to care on an ongoing basis. I frankly don't give a hoot about con artist charities because I don't think charities make a good mainline solution to ongoing problems. Charities make good hands-on helpers during crisis or at addressing chronic need, but I am not conviced that philanthropy can take the place of love for my fellow man. I may be scared of the rapists and looters -- yeah, I AM scared... But I don't believe any of us can hold ourselves blameless. Let's get real.

Zafufilia said...


I forgot to say thanks again for this blog, where I always feel my thoughts are welcome and my contribution appreciated.


steven edward streight said...

Zaf: you, and all readers of my blogs, are most appreciated and welcome to say anything you want.

If someone agrees with me too often, I may ask them to piss off. I want honest comments, and I want to hear about anything I say that may be incorrect, insensitive, or inept.

I do hold the mayor of New Orleans responsible for not demanding faster evacuation.

When pundits say, as they are saying all over the blogosphere, "let's not play the blame game, let's solve problems", I say: "Bullshit."

To "not play the blame game" is exactly what the administrative fools want. They want to deflect blame, and pass the buck, and dodge their civil duties to provide timely and effective remedies.

Where are the fat ass corporations? I hear, via Hugh Hewitt, that Amazon refuses to put up a donation function, as they did for the Asian tsunami disaster.

We must put blame where blame is due. We must not let our leaders off the hook so they can prance around tearlessly, with giddy or stern looks on their clueless faces.

I am not responsible for the incompetence displayed in the evacuation, sheltering, and provisions for the Katrina victims.

But I do agree with the idea that we all must focus on being more caring, compassionate, and selfless toward all sentient beings and inanimate objects.

Live gently, but burn the asses of idiots who smugly shrug off their public trust.

Zafufilia said...

I did hear that several countries had pledged monetary or other aid. Venezuela offered oil, as did the EU offer to release petroleum reserves to ease any vacuum that may result from damage to Gulf Coast refineries. Even Cuba offered aid.

Zafufilia said...

"We must put blame where blame is due. We must not let our leaders off the hook so they can prance around tearlessly, with giddy or stern looks on their clueless faces."

Well my point was that the blame is on us for putting incompetents in charge, more or less. I keep saying we need to wise up. Their incompetence is our incompetence, and I mean that more specifically than in a buddhist "everything is connected" sense... Yeah, the sooner we take a hard look at our corporations, our leaders, our choices, the better off we'll be. But that's just it... they are OURS. We work for them, we do business with them, we patronize them, we elect them, we are them, for lack of better wording. I'm saying it comes down to what we do every day, and how we do it, and the extremes that we put our (tacit) stamp of approval on... And the reason I mention "love" (that dirty word) is that I happen to believe we are all capable of it, and it seems to act in a way such that it brings out the best in people, as opposed to more of the same "passing the buck" to the red cross or the church next door or whatever. At the end of the day, it's individuals who are doing the work of rescuing and feeding and cleaning down there. But we have chances to do that everyday! That's all I'm saying.

steven edward streight said...

Zaf: ...and I'm glad you're saying it.

I often declare that citizens receive the government they collectively deserve, and thus, shame on them for demanding that the USA do all their fighting for them.

The South Vietnamese often, some of them, blame us for "abandoning them", but it was their civil war, and they should have fought it themselves.

Same with North Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, etc.

The USA should not have overthrown the Saddam Hussein regime, the people of Iraq should have got some balls and cut the throat of the bloated Butcher of Baghdad.

We in America fought against King George of England, and won, with a little help from France, but mostly on our own.

Same with our civil war. As far as I understand history, we did it mostly on our own, without the UN, without a powerful super power helping us.

A crappy little band of rebels defeated the mighty England and the racist South.

So I agree, we are ultimately responsible for the leaders who oppress us.

We must stop being masochistic chumps.

Good points and analysis, Zaf.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can call on the UK or anyone else to help with the hurricane mess - our hearts go out to these people - but stop bleating and get on with it - you have money enough for things you want - time you looked after your own and got your President to put his hand in his federal 'pocket'.

You expect this sort of chaos in the third world and we then have a moral obligation to help countries such as these.

The US have no excuses for not getting it right - but don't blog or moan about it - just get out there and help those innocents.

steven edward streight said...

Anon: I agree mostly. And I will try to help. Refugees are coming here to Peoria soon, to our Civic Center. The Salvation Army is going to feed them, clothe them, let them shower, and then house them in Salvation Army camp cabins. I will volunteer to help in some way.

I will blog, however, about anything I feel like blogging about.

And it wouldn't hurt other countries to pitch in and help. Who says USA has to go around helping everyone, but should not be helped in return?

There is national karma. Even a gesture to show real caring from other countries would be nice.

I like how cruise liners are coming to help.