Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina is us

Hurricane Katrina is us.

Natural forces devastated the land, then human forces devastated the people. Waves of psychopathic monsters flowed over the victims, raping, looting, murdering, plundering, setting fires: nonsensical party animals, violence addicts, carnage mongers.

Incompetence to the rescue!

The Powers That Pretend To Be: prancing around delicately, smiling for cameras, not a single wet eyelash.

Here come the goons and loony tunes!

Thin veneers, mordant masks, calculated cosmetics. Look at what was always slithering around deep inside. Pampered narcissists and myopic misanthropes leap for joy with pyromanic torches and phallic freebooter filly-busters.

Citizens juggle, with buttery fingers, the law of the gun that has been forced into their own hands. Every man a soldier, every boy a nurse. Every woman a shelter, every girl a scout. Unfamiliar flags, poet pirates, sewage for supper.

The cityscape now a martyr double-doomed, drowned to death, then burning at the mistake of purulent pusillanimous politicians. Another Pyrrhic victory for unblindingly shock-absorbent hindsight and faltering flinching forecasts.

No lapis lazuli here.

Check out these resources and
come to your own conclusions:

(1) "Do Events Like Katrina and 9-11 Make Us Crazy?"

(2) The Interdictor

Thanks to Will Gaus of Buzzing Fridge blog for this link.

(3) Hugh Hewitt

(4) PCUSA Hurricane Katrina Volunteer/Relief

(via Hugh Hewitt)

If you donate money, be sure to select your charity very carefully. The con artists are coming out of the woodwork, as usual. Donation Frenzy is in full force.

Investigate the recommended groups that your favorite, most trusted sources guide you to. But no matter how much a trusted advisor raves about a charity, investigate it carefully, or don't donate any money at all.

Don't let disreputable, non-credible, unreliable organizations rip you off. Many will take advantage of this tragedy to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Be swift to probe, slow to give.

I don't trust the Red Cross.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Zafufilia said...

This has been on my mind since Tuesday, Steven. Thanks for offering practical words.

steven edward streight said...

With all due respect to the victims of the tragedy, a disaster that from the first images I thought was similar to a nuclear holocaust or meteor strike...

...the one to blame are the mayors, the MSM journalists, and certain sluggish or savage civilians.

The heroes seem to be the majority of civilians, the military, the churches, other rescue workers, and FEMA.

Bloggers, especially video bloggers, are doing a lot of good in terms of coverage and first hand reporting.

I will expand on this and explain in an upcoming post.