Thursday, September 08, 2005

blogoid objects spotted

Blogoid Objects Spotted:
Association of Online Publishers

It has come to my flimsy attention that some bloglike entities have appeared on the radar of a UK publishing organization and are potential recipients of awards.

I did not hear that Tinbasher blog was in this group, so I can't verify that these are true blogs. To be safe, perhaps we should tentatively label them "blogoid objects", and wait to see what the experts conclude.


"Blogs Shortlisted for AOP
awards fro the first time

by Ben Bold, Sept. 7, 2005
Brand Republic

LONDON - The inexorable rise of blogging has been officially acknowledged by the Association of Online Publishers, which for the first time is including blogs in its annual awards.

The news gives a clear signal that the UK's publishing industry is realising the editorial and commercial benefits of incorporating consumer-generated content into online media.

The AOP has shortlisted four blogs in the awards' Innovation category.

They are

Emap Performance Interactive's blog,

The Guardian's blogs,

the BBC's inclusion of amateur
video footage on the London 7/7 bombings,


VNU Business Publications'
Newsgator aggregation tool.

Other sites listed in the category include, AdGenie on by Dennis Interactive, the Sun Online TV Video News on, and The Scotsman's online archive.

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