Sunday, August 14, 2005

unpaid opinion blog

unpaid opinion blog

Dave Taylor at The Intuitive Life Business Blog has posted an interesting little essay:

"Pay Me To Blog About Your Product or Service"

He states that most bloggers are getting some kind of payment, from cash to free products (for review) to free conference tickets. This is not true of me or my blogs, as you'll see explained in my...

Comment Posted to Dave Taylor's blog post:


I have never received any money or other compensation from any company, I have no ads on any of my blogs, and don't plan to ever have any.

I am an often harsh and blunt critic of everyone from the Wall Street Journal to General Motors (a former client).

However, I do have sidebar badges for Firefox because I like their browser. I have even posted once about how people should dump IE and switch to Firefox. But I'm not paid to say this.

I have a I Power Blogger sidebar badge, which is a passive promotion of Blogger, but I have to leave it on my Blogspot blogs, according to Terms of Use, and I often promote the benefits of Blogger, but I'm not paid to do so.

Google gives me free Gmail and Blogger and Hello/Picasa, so I defend Google against unfair attacks, recently in Business Week Blogspotting post comment, the post where Google is blamed for link farm pseudo or "spam" blogs, spamdexing blogs. I think my defense of Google against Stephen Baker may have gotten me blacklisted into a DNS blackhole, forbidding me to post any further comments at their blog. I have to investigate this.

So I experience the very opposite. I am punished by blogs and corporations for criticizing them in good conscience.

Is it wrong to accept payment to blog about a product, book, service, company?

Well, I maintain the blog core values of transparency, authenticity, passion.

If I criticize anything, my readers should be aware that no one is paying me to speak harshly of their competitors.

And if I praise something, my readers should be aware that I'm authentically pleased with it. I'm really buying and using and satisfied with it. I'm not pretending, or exaggerating, or glossing over faults, due to the company paying me.

But this is my personal method.

I am not saying any other method is wrong or unethical. It may or may not be.

You are doing a great service for the blogosphere by bringing up this subject.

Posted by: steven streight aka vaspers the grate on August 14, 2005 01:34 AM


Go read his post to see what the controversy is, the various issues involved, and how he expresses his point of view.

Post a comment here, or email me, to let me know your personal opinion of Paid vs. Unpaid Blogging.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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