Saturday, August 13, 2005

Torture a Spammer

Torture-a-Spammer is a game from Email Sherpa:

I followed up to activation.

I did not play the game.

(1.) selection of spammer type:

* Make $$$ in your spare time

* Discount Mortgages

* "Viagro"

* Porn

* Cheap email marketing (spam) lists

(2.) selection of torture type:

* Boiling oil

* Flying killer monkeys

* Spam-avalanche

* Explosive offer

(3.) Choose your free gift(s) for playing this Game:
(not required)

___ I'm a marketing professional.

Send me Email Sherpa's
Marketers Guide to
Permission Email Marketing.

___ I get too much spam.

Send me the Consumer's Guide
to Reducing Spam.

This is a one-time emailed report.

My name will not be kept on file
or ever used again.

___ [words relative to another offer]

To get your free gift(s), enter
your email address here:


Privacy - [etc.]

Next, click here to go to Game.


Note: If this button doesn't work,
you may need a newer version of Flash.

Click here for free download. ___

Game developed by Cyber-NY.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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