Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Dream Blog

My dream blog is...

But wait.

Before I reveal what the blog of my dreams would be, what do you dream of?

Have you ever pondered this? What would the ideal, perfect, most interesting, most entertaining, most valuable blog be...for your tastes and needs?

How would you define THE PERFECT BLOG?

What is stopping, preventing, blocking you from making that "Dream Blog" come true?

Are you not a good writer?

There are ways to improve your writing.

I suggest studying classic authors, great authors of literature, science, philosophy, etc. I think this is the best way to improve your writing skills. Read the best writers and let their style saturate and permeate your brain.

For example, if I read Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, say twenty pages or so, I know that my next blog post will probably reflect some of his style, which is very different from my regular writing style.

No sense of humor? Watch more comedy shows, and less sports or horror films. Read National Lampoon, Mad Magazine, books by comedians. Go see stand-up comedy acts.

Not expert enough? Read online tutorials, take classes, visit specialist blogs, buy books on the subject, go to the library, join discussion groups, subscribe to email newsletters, practice some techniques and see how they work for you.

My Dream Blog
would consist of:

(1) Variety...

...even some shock value or totally unexpected posts, shakes me out of lethargy, sometimes makes me wonder "is this the blog I think it is?".

(2) Relevance... blogology issues, web usability, credibility enhancement, writing technique, marketing concepts).

(3) Good writing...

...i.e., clever, funny, smart, few or no typos, concise, correct grammar, accurate punctuation, short paragraphs, uses lists, defines obscure words or new terminology, easy to scan and skim for meat.

(4) Meaty...

...facts, statistics, studies, research, insights that I can use in my line of work.

(5) Creative...

...using art, photos, cartoons, diagrams, charts, and other visual image enhancements.

(6) Aggressive...

...blunt, bold, assertive, convincing, carefully reasoned, not pulling any punches, direct, straight-shooter, heart-felt, indifferent to praise or critique, not desperately trying to be "liked by everybody".

(7) Self-parodying...

...makes fun of itself, not super serious and uptight, not overly sensitive to critique, self-effacing, not arrogant, not "know-it-all" tone of voice, not "never disagree with me, or I'll delete your comments and ban your argumentive mouth".

(8) Relaxed...

...calm, rational, serene, objective, scientific, dignified.

(9) Truthful... lying, no deception, no hidden agenda, no ulterior motives, honest, authentic.

(10) Controversial...

...original thinking, challenging the status quo, questioning assumptions, correcting errors, not trying to be "popular" at all costs, not cliquey, not avoiding confrontation.

(11) Expert...

...does its homework, conducts some research, uses surveys, cites authoritative sources, links to other worthy pundits, credits other thinkers, not rash, not timid, investigates unusual aspects, doesn't just quote other bloggers, expresses original ideas.

(12) Open...

...enables users to post comments, responds quickly to all comments, encourages commenters to express their true views, not hostile to dissenters, does not delete unfavorable comments, seeks contrary points of view, polite to those who disagree, mentions the good points of opponents, isn't trying to win every argument in a pampered manner.

(13) Clean...

...not relying on profanity, vulgarity, racism, sexism, religious bigotry, political fanaticism, filthy language.

(14) Sense of humor...

...jokes with audience, tells funny anecdotes, teases in a nice non-sadistic manner, makes me laugh now and then.

Now...what does your dream blog contain?

Email me or post a comment.

I'd like to know what expectations and hopes you have regarding blogs.

Tell me your opinion.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Voix said...

Gosh, Steven -- You've just described MY blog. Thanks so much!

*tee hee*

Great list.

steven edward streight said...

Michele: see, this is why I like you so much.

You make me laugh and you poke fun at me.

I confess, I was wondering if readers would think I was subtly just describing my own blog as though it was a paragon of blog perfection and virtue.

Honestly, I'm never 100% satisfied with my blog. There are things I hate about it, and things I hate about my own writing.

Things I seek to improve.

But yes, your blog does meet most or all these qualifications., let's just leave it there.


Jack said...

Nice writing.

I am looking forward to reading more.

Voix said...

The only way to survive blogging -- and most of life, for that matter, is to know when to laugh at yourself and when to let things go. I'm still tickled that you called me "hot" way back when, so I'm hooked.