Thursday, August 25, 2005

Microsoft history includes Vaspers the Grate

Microsoft history now includes Vaspers the Grate.

This is a bit of a thrill to little obscure Vaspers, the Giant Killer. He's blushing like a ton of tomatoes.

Most of you probably know that I've been contributing what we web usability guys call "user generated content" aka (also known as) "comments" to The Red Couch blog.

Microsoft Chief Blogger, Robert Scoble, and marketing consultant and author Shel Israel have been blogging about a book on business blogging. And the name of that blog is The Red Couch, now aka Naked Conversations.

I was a rather early comment contributor to their blog. Thus, I got embroiled in most of the blogocombat that caused sparks to fly and flames to leap high into the air. How much Bill Gates paid attention to this is unknown to me, but he may have popped in, as a silent lurker, now and then.

Anyway, I was mouthy, brazen, strident, combative, and relentless in my commentary. Not only did I post tons of comments, not only was I often the first to post a comment on any given post, but I also fired off numerous emails to Robert and Shel when I wanted to communicate something privately, aka "back channel".

Sometimes the warfare was frenzied and I verged on sounding like a screaming maniac...when some wanker annoyed me with blatant and unrepentant stupidity. I would keep hammering my opinion until I either convinced or exhausted any opposition. Many times, I had the last word in a comment thread. This is called Triumphalist Blogging.

My proudest moment was when they finally, after prolonged and hot-as-hell heated debate, and my repeated pulverizing of their editor's idea, decided to agree with me, and dropped the book title "Blog or Die".

The point that pushed them to my side was when I said "in some countries, it's Blog AND Die. Bloggers in repressive regimes are killed or imprisoned for blogging and expressing opinions critical of a religion or a government system."

Instead of "Blog or Die", the editor came up with "Naked Conversations", which I totally hate, but in a rare moment of gentlemanly sweetness, I decided to leave it alone. If I launched a campaign against this title, I might be perceived as hopelessly, super-argumentatively antagonistic, and God forbid that I should accidentally achieve that dubious distinction. LOL

So anyway, here's an edited post, published today by Shel Israel, in which he expresses his appreciation for us input warriors.


Acknowledgement--Thanks to You All

by Shel Israel
August 25, 2005

We would like to thank all of the people who gave us constructive input through the blogosphere in the last six months. It is logitically a daunting task and below is draft #1. It includes most of you who left us comments. As we completed it, we realized that we had not followed track backs.

Also, we eliminated any Comments that were not clearly from real humans.

[STREIGHT: A veiled reference to spambot comment spam, something I repeatedly emailed them about, demanding that they immediately delete it, and get better at preventing it. I'm somewhat famous in the blogosphere as a Comment Spam Killer.]

If you left an email and no URL, we eliminated the email address, but will restore it upon your request. If we overlooked you, please let us know. There is still time to add names. If you gave us a link and missed you, please also tell us and we will add you in.

Also, this chapter needs to be edited into hardcopy so the links are to the right of your name, rather than hyperlinked.


The authors give special thanks and undying gratitude to:

* Howard Israel, for teaching his baby brother a passion for books.
* Charlie O’Brien, an eternal friend and mentor.
* Andy Ruff for having the idea that became Naked Conversations.
* Buzz Bruggeman , the Connection King for bringing Scoble and Israel together.
* Dave Winer and Dori Smith for getting Scoble interested in blogging to begin with.
* Vic Gundotra for taking a deep business risk on hiring Scoble into Microsoft.
* Loic LeMeur, for opening Europe to us, and giving us some of our favorite business stories.
* Six Apart for extraordinary cooperation throughout this project.
* Cluetrain Manifesto’s authors Doc Searles, David Weinberger, Rick Levine and Christopher Lock for inspiring this book long before we dreamed of writing it.
* Ernie Svenson, for giving us our funniest moment. As he told us how he loved technology, the phone line went dead.
* Jill Fallon for contributing the most interesting story that did not fit into our book.
* Brewster, Shel’s loyal companion and Kinko, who shared his workdesk.
* Jim Minatel being a friend as well as an editor.
* Joe Wikert for being right about publishers and authors being partners and for picking up the Valentine's dinner tab
* Faithe Wempen our copy editor who proved she is well-named.
* Steven Streight who posted nearly as many words to our blog as we did.
* To the denizens of the blogosphere of you who left intelligent, constructive and useful comments:

[snip--a dense listing of other valued commenters, including my good friends Paul Woodhouse and Jeremy C. Wright]

Thank you one and all


So, dear friends and allies, this is a nice thing, right?

Now, I know many of you have no great love for Microsoft or Bill Gates, but I do like them. I use MSN dial up internet connection, but I use Firefox browser.

I like Windows OS, though I know that the vulnerabilities may be due to their commercial pandering to the dumbed down file sharers and newbies who want to do lots of frivolous activities.

I hate and despise crackers and worm/virus/malware code writers who, in their hatred for Windows and MS, infect the web with their scumbag creations. Opposing a large corporation is one thing, destroying home PCs and organizational networks is quite another.

Virus/worm/malware writers: screw you and your mother.

But, happy day, I, the notorious Vaspers the Grate, the love machine, the most hated blogger in the blogosphere, after Maddox, I am now a tiny part of Microsoft and blogospheric history. Nice.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Voix said...

Huzzah to you, oh Vaspers the Grate! Congrats.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Michele.

Due to my sudden upsurge in popularity, I am contemplating starting a blog called:

Mothers Against Vaspers the Grate

in which I pretend to be millions of mothers, and in which I attack every post I publish in VTG.

Part of my Distinctly Non-corporate Fluffy Arrogance strategy.

Zafufilia said...

Hey man! Like... you're popular! Wake me up and call me Aunt Tilly!

*Any acclaim and/or popularity you find is well-deserved, dear Vaspers.

Go ahead, do your naked dance of triumph by the light of the roaring fire.

Zafufilia said...
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steven edward streight said...


(1) I'm not, and will make sure that I will never be, "popular". Popularity means mainstream means inoffensive means tolerant means accepted means wimpy, weak, worthless.

(2) I don't dance. No tough guys do.

(3) There is no real "triumph" as a settled event or established reality. There is only continual struggle, conflict, combat for Truth.

But, hey, thanks for having your heart in the right place.

Zafufilia said...

PS - Thought you'd like to know I just wrote up a glowing report on a new MS product here at work. In your honor ;)

PPS- While I myself won't come near MS products with a ten foot pole (less-n I hafto) I am not too dull to realize that most people who use computers use that Office stuff daily. So, yeah MS is a big deal. And it even *tries* (bless its wimpy heart) to make things "better" once enough people raise a ruckus.

PPPS- Best part was when you made them actually change a name. Sweet!

steven edward streight said...

Triumphalist Blogging means massively defeating, exhausting, or annihilating opposition.

Relentless, multi-pronged attack.

Pitiless assault with ethical tactics.

Firing from constantly shifting angles, so the opponent wastes time and effort retaliating at spots you've already vacated.

Zafufilia said...

OK, tough guy :)

MARYBETH said...

VTG makes the bigtime!!!
I always knew you would!!!!

WTG!!!!! BRAVO =)


steven edward streight said...

MaryBeth: welcome back from the frozen zone.

It's so nice to hear from you again.

Vaspers? You haven't seen anything yet. I'm about to declare World War Three in the blogosphere.

They're going to have to kill me to shut me up. My next attack is going to shake things up quite a bit.

The blogosphere is about to Cease To Exist, and you will remember that Vaspers the Grate told you about it.

The End is nigh.

Get ready to...oh, I can't say that. They'll lock me up forever if I reveal everything that's going on behind the scenes.

All bloggers are doomed, unless a miracle occurs soon. I'm trying to make that miracle happen. If it doesn't, we're all dead.


MARYBETH said...

Dear Steven,
A blogosphere apocolypse??? extinction??? before i even grasp the basics???
I can't bare anymore bad news =(