Monday, August 08, 2005

Intranet blogs: the killer app?

Intranet blogs may be
the killer application for blogging.

My observation of the adoption of blogs by businesses makes me think they'll never get off the ground like many are hoping.

Corporate Blog Problems

I've repeatedly stated that most corporations are nowhere near being ready to initiate two-way conversations with customers or the general public.

Business leaders and CEOs are not prepared to remove the masks, tear down the walls, and get real. They aren't willing to be transparently candid, vulnerable to flaming, complaining, and radical questioning, or to be genuinely concerned about customer service and loyalty cultivation.

It would take a massive revolution in corporate culture for something like to happen. It can't occur overnight, and may never happen, sad to say, no matter how we blogologists and hardcore bloggers praise the benefits of blogs.

But a blog that is used for internal communications and project collaborations, this is something that businesses can readily implement and see immediate, highly satisfying results.

Email is a horrible solution to internal communications, primarily due to archiving, search, categorizing, and updating problems.

Plus the fact that many corporations have not clamped down on all the trivial, potentially harmful forwarded joke emails and chain letter emails that time-wasting employees circulate amongst each other. The urgent, vital inter-office emails can get lost in all the clutter.

Therefore, I'm going to officially withdraw most of my support for business and CEO blogs, and re-direct my energies to Intranet Blogging.

Blog Ethics and Best Practices
are Alien to Many Businesses

I will no longer bang my head against a brick wall, trying to coax CEOs to blog, and persuade corporations to adhere to the 9 core values of blogging, or to abandon aloofness and get down on the humble level of frontline workers and consumers.

I'm going to concentrate on helping corporations use blogs in a manner that requires no major shifts in philosophy or standards, in a manner that fits with what they are already trying to accomplish.

Intranet Blogs represent the ideal way to ease into blogging for most corporations. Perhaps, once they see how blogs work in the safety of a behind the firewall scenario, they will then have more insight and confidence to launch public and employee blogs.

This means either creating a new blog devoted exclusively to Intranet Blogging, or a major shift in what is posted here at Vaspers the Grate. This is not an easy decision to make.

Michael Martine has inspired and challenged me to focus more specifically. I'm convinced that he's right about niche blogging.

Vaspers the Grate began as a series of semi-scholarly essays on web usability.

As I saw the tremendous advantages of easy-interaction, simple content management blogs, as compared to static, conventional web sites, I began to shift the focus toward blogology.

Now a third catclysmic upheaval is edging toward me.

From web usability general intranet blog specialization.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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