Friday, August 05, 2005

How To Be a Triumphalist Blogger

Triumphalist Blogging is easy

when you know the basic principles.

Why is "triumphalism" an important blogging skill?

Because sooner or later, every blogger runs into trouble. This trouble can include flamers, trollers, baiters, comment spam, malicious URLS posted in comments, filthy language attacks, personal attacks, and attack blogs that exist exclusively to hurt and sadden other bloggers.

Triumphalist Blogging defined

"triumph" = a procession celebrating a military commander who kicked enemy ass, exultation or ecstatic bliss due to victory over fierce opponents, to gain the upperhand through superior strategy or overwhelming firepower.

"triumphalist" = one who uses advanced weaponry, unassailable logic, abundance of proven facts, positive thinking, high levels of healthy self-esteem, and a detached, non-identification of self with ideas to overpower a foe.

"triumphalist" used in a sentence:


"Richard Baxter, the most outstanding pastor, evangelist, and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced.

Baxter was a big man, big enough to have big faults and make big errors. A brilliant cross-bencher, widely learned, with an astounding capacity for instant analysis, argument and appeal, he could run rings around anyone in debate, yet he could not always use his great gifts in the best way.


...his total and immediate outspokenness ('plain dealing')...his inability to see that among equals a triumphalist manner is counter-productive was a strange blind spot."

James I. Packer, Introduction, The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter (The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, originally published 1656).


Here, the "triumphalist manner" is stated to be a counter-productive way to try to convince peers of the rightness of your ideas.

But this contradicts the fact that Baxter is considered one of the greatest spiritual writers and thinkers who has ever lived.

He was extremely critical of his fellow pastors and scolded them for taking an easy job of study and lecturing, when they were insincere and pompous. Pastors, as everyone knows, unfortunately tend to be arrogant if you question or critique them. We need more Richard Baxters.

Geniuses, thought leaders, and innovators are rarely wimpy sissies. They almost always express their powerful new thoughts in strong language, pulling no punches.

Triumphalist Techniques:

Primary Rule: never identify completely
with your "beliefs" and "opinions"--
they are NOT "you".

They are things temporarily
floating around inside "you".

(1) Do your homework. Research. Ponder deeply.

(2) Seek contrary viewpoints and ridicule for the ideas you recently discovered or created.

(3) Engage in mild discussions of your ideas.

(4) Enter into heated debate to test your ideas against those who violently disagree.

(5) Give serious consideration to oppositional concepts and mockery of your ideas.

(6) Know your topic so well that you can overwhelm opponents with facts and documented experiences.

(7) Learn how to express your deeply held ideas with strong language, without resorting to filth or hate speech.

(8) Say something nice about your debate opponent, even though you disagree.

(9) Keep the debate free from personal attack by never saying anything negative about your debate opponent: Say "that idea is wrong", not "you are stupid".

(10) Fearlessly state your ideas, and be totally unconcerned who accepts or rejects them.

(11) Compassionately attempt to explain the ethical considerations behind your ideas, that your ideas are based on benevolence and not on trying to act superior or smarter than others.

(12) Keep developing your ideas, your blog, your circle of allies, no matter what happens.

This is just a list of notions and attitudes to get you started on the path to eventual perfection of Triumphalist Blogging, which is the polar opposite of Wimpy Blogging.

Bloggers develop strong "voice"
by engaging in heated debate,
and not by drifting along on
clouds of approval and praise.

Now, go get some good ideas and defend them against attack.

Go stick up for a blogging friend who is being assaulted unfairly.

Happy Triumphalist Blogging!

...and remember:

truth needs defenders
because it has plenty
of attackers.

EDIT UPDATE: Here's what Triumphalist Blogger "Disgruntled Car Salesman" uses as his blog title tagline, or description:


Giving you the facts in da' biz'. Reader Beware! You read these comments at your own risk. Management not responsible for the following: Nausea, Blurred Vision, Feelings of Hatred, Guilt, Feelings of Worthlessness, Shame, Wrath, and Stupidity.


See? That's how it's done.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Just found you posted this now, Vaspers. If you read this, love ya for the supoort and recognition good buddy.

steven edward streight said...

I can't recall how I discovered your blog, I think because you posted a comment on Vaspers the Grate.

But I liked it immediately, and the tag line is very funny and triumphalist.