Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Donald Trump blog controversy

Check out the Donald Trump blog controversy I'm engaged in over at my Blog Core Values blog.

First installment: "Donald Trump vs. email"

Next (coming in a few minutes several minutes): "Mark Cuban vs. Donald Trump"

Discover how I could not post a comment at The Trump Blog, how The Trump brags about having the best tech people, and how Donald's blog is just another link in a long chain of self-adoration and despising the poor and downtrodden.

Vasperishly yours,

the love machine blogger: Vaspers the Grate


Blogger is having technical problems.

I cannot post that installment #2 on the Donald Trump blog controversy right now.

I shall keep trying.

If this appears, that in itself will be a miracle. Blogger has been having lots of problems, very strange problems lately. Like my not being able to edit a post, like "document contains no data" on this post when I try to publish this Edit Update, etc.

So I'm not messing with you, promising something, then neglecting to deliver.

For now, go visit Mark Cuban's blog post "Thank you, Donald" and I will post my commentary on this Mark Cuban post later. Hopefully, depending on Blogger, I will be able to post it tomorrow.

Blog Maverick

But see, I can't promise, with Blogger's tech problems overriding my desire.


It's published now.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Both Cuban and Trump like to hear themselves talk. Apparently the exorbidant amount of media coverage isn't enough, now they have to blog to get it all out there. What's worse are the people kissing their asses on the blogs like they are gonna get something out of it....

Just calling it like I see it...

steven edward streight said...

Disgruntled CS: That's fine, expressing your sincere opinion.

Maybe you know more about Cuban than I do.

I know nothing, less than nothing, about commercial or collegiate sports.

To me, sports is for health and for military training only.

Any commercialization or collegiatization of any sport is a parody and a mockery of the true purpose of sports.

Having said that, oh yeah, I'm not interested in HD TV or any TV for that matter, thus I'm a oddity in the Mark Cuban fan section.

I like Mark Cuban for his blogging style, and because he was nice to me once several months ago, he did me a special favor, long before he showed up on The Red Couch.

So, you keep calling them like you see them, cous', 'cause that's what I do too.

Lurkers: go visit Disgruntled Car Salesman blog for a good time. He is one cool Triumphalist Blogger who has received the Vaspers the Grate stamp of tentative approval.


Zafufilia said...


Thank you for the fresh content.


steven edward streight said...

Zaf: you are very welcome.

I took a sales training course yesterday, and the speaker said nobody says "you're welcome" anymore to "thank you".

People tend to say "no problem" instead, which is not as friendly.

Anyway, thanks for thanking me. I've had a rough day today, calling the cops on my brother, who kept calling my manager at work, trying to get me fired on my first day at work...

...but enough personal drivel.