Friday, August 19, 2005

boring debate: personal trivia

boring debate: personal trivia


I don't know about you, but I'm extremely bored with the tired old debate about how much personal detail a business blog can contain.

Whenever a blogger raves about how the personal and the professional should be mixed, ask yourself, "Why is there a strong urge, in this blogger, to divulge personal trivia?"

Narcissism is very common, especially in bloggers.

Narcissism is unrestrained blabbering about the self. It's a selfish attitude that exalts "ME" over "YOU". It's an uncaring attitude toward readers.

Personal Trivia
in a Business Blog
assumes that:

(1) readers really care about all the mundane details of your life.

(2) readers have nothing better to do than read about films you like, what your children did today, how you feel about the war in Iraq, what you had for lunch, what your sexual problems are, what music you like, etc.

(3) readers feel more comfortable with you when they know all sorts of private facts about you, rather than knowing you are credible, accurate, reliable, authoritative.

(4) readers will think your personal life is interesting (when it probably isn't).

(5) readers will appreciate having to dig through irrelevant clutter to find useful information on your blog.

Primary Considerations
for Including or Excluding
Personal Information in
a Business Blog:

(1) Does this personal information help readers understand a business principle or fact?

(2) Does this personal information help readers improve their own life?

(3) Is the need to express this personal information simply a narcissistic impulse?

(4) Could this personal information be counter-productive to the purpose of my blog?

A blog is humanized, made personal, NOT by including lots of extraneous private information, but by the tone of voice, the friendliness projected toward readers, honesty, and fast replies to comments.

A blog can be humanized, made personal, by showing a photo of the blogger.

A blog can be humanized, made personal, by a unique and distinctive writing style.

A blog can be humanized, made personal, by having an independent point of view.

A blog is TRIVIALIZED by adding excessive, irrelevant, boring personal details.

A blog is CRIMINALIZED by displaying nude or scantily clad photos of your children.

A blog is SCANDALIZED by pretending to divulge facts about a controversial lifestyle, when your lifestyle is really not controversial. In other words, making a big deal out of a small factor. Like claiming to be "outing" oneself when all you're doing is putting a fancy name on a common behavior.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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Cretos said...

Very intellectual. And engaging. I like it!

Zafufilia said...

Please promote me to *groupie* now.

steven edward streight said...

Cretos, the famous sophist and rhetorician, having graced my blog, is now ready to receive the initiation, but will it hurt?

Zaf: I'm terribly sorry, but poor Vaspers has run out of initiation procedure slots in his infamously busy schedule. If you really want, and I have no idea why anyone would, to be a "groupie" of Vaspers, I suggest you start reading Margins of Philosophy (or) Of Grammatology (or) Writing and Difference by Jacques Derrida. Then you won't need woeful soulful Vaspers anymore anyway.


Zafufilia said...

Poppycock and falooka feathers! (That was the graffito in my high school freshman English textbook - why can't I forget it???).

No worries, Steve-o, I don't make a good groupie anyway. I am always running off to the library in zany intellectual pursuits of my own, and don't wear groupie-style clothing, such as it were...

Back to work!

Zafufilia said...

Actually I think it was "Horse feathers and palooka dust."

steven edward streight said...

I'm more cornfused than ever nwo.