Saturday, August 20, 2005

bloody finger mail

Bloody Finger Mail

Here's your long awaited Friday night shocker, for you blog lurkers and commenters who should be out carousing around and chasing members of the appropriate sex.

If you're up this late, wasting courtship time at my blog, here's your grim reward, your macabre treat.

It's called Bloody Finger Mail.

Your cursor becomes an index finger with the tip chopped off. Then you move the bloody stub across a wall to form a message. As you form the letters, blood drips from the letters. (I tried zipping the finger across the wall really fast, and I disabled the blood dripping function).

You can send a link to the completed message to anyone with an email address.

My Bloody Finger Mail Vaspers the Grate message may be read by visiting:

Brought to you by Engine Digital ghoulish lurker you.



Karen said...

That's wickedly cool!

steven edward streight said...

Did you, Karen, write and send a message link to anyone?

What was it?

The finger is large and thus it is difficult to write small, so you can't leave more than a few words in a message.

carrie said...

i wrote 'redrum'

steven edward streight said...


See, that's what I like about you. You keep doing the unexpected, the unique, the independent.

steven edward streight said...

P.S. did you mean "drum again" or "rum that is red in color"?


Karen said...

Hey, Steven.

No, I didn't send the link to anyone (yet), but still think it's pretty cool.

redrum = murder !! (of course).

I can't believe you didn't catch that reference. :-)

It's pretty famous (from 'The Shining' and is referenced in other horror movies).

steven edward streight said...

Famous or not, I don't watch movies anymore, and what films I have seen in the past are rapidly fading from memory. Good riddance to them. Wastes of time, all.

I insist that redrum means bang the drum again after drinking some red rum and coke.


Exhomeless-Guy said...

That's pretty creepy,k I like it ;) has some similar online image/sign generators you can send as ecards.