Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blogs Scare Businesses

Stepping off the edge of the dead end

can be scary.

The dead end of

pension raiding,

offshore outsourcing,

reluctant customer service,

distance between customer and company,

cooking the books,

partially true advertising,

marketing gimmicks,

poor usability and durability...

this is the dead end that must

be stepped off of.

And a blog is one way to do it.

Blogs Scare Businesses

Operating a blog, starting a whole new era

of honest, open, two-way communications

with prospects, customers, the general public...

...with due respect, this can be a stressful

set of uncertainties to Old Economy businesses.

Starting a blog to reach out and receive

criticism, praise, misunderstandings, hostility,

cheers, boos, vulgarity, insanity, trolling, baiting,

and difficult or embarrassing questions...

businesses are not "comfortable with" vulnerabilities.

It's got to be like taking a long walk
on a short pier, walking the gangplank,
like a criminal condemned to die.

But it's probably the only cure.

Transparency. Authenticity. Passion.

[[[creepy to consider, if you don't
naturally possess them]]]

Three of the 9 Blog Core Values,

and what every business and individual needs.

Businesses know they're in serious trouble.

Customers are in revolt.

Customers are demanding to "talk to somebody" at your company, someone kind and smart and helpful.

That's what your blog is for.

Focus on providing value,
however that's defined
for your industry or
audience satisfaction.

If readers return to your blog
for the hilarious cartoons,
keep the humor funnier
and improve or expand
your cartooning skills.

If readers return to your blog
for the fascinating insights
into your astonishing life...

...or for your unique, powerful,
or comical ability to dramatize
and show an original and clever
viewpoint on a boring, average life...

then be sure to deliver

If readers return to your blog
for great, practical marketing advice
and analysis of current promotions,
think deeply about trends and strategies.

Your Blog is a Barbecue...

keep the meat of your blog sizzling.

Your Blog is a Kitchen...

experiment with new recipes,
but keep the old favorites
served up on a silver platter.


stepping off the edge of the dead end

can be risky and frightening.

But that's how you stride gallantly into
the swirling abyss of the nondescript,
the eventual inevitability, the Future.

The Future:

be there now

or be nowhere, cow.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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