Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blogs are about contrary opinions

Blogs are about
contrary opinions

"I don't like it", I said about a television program, Fluffy the Glampire Filler.

"What's not to like?" he asked, visibly irritated by my non-conformity.

"It's designed for teenagers, high school kids," I explained.

He got angry with my contrary viewpoint, and decided to attack my judgement.

"You're just one of those many people who don't get it."

I was offended that he was implying that, by my not agreeing with his taste, this disagreement necessarily made me uncomprehending, dense, ignorant.

"I get it," I answered. "But I still don't like it."

Blogs are about
contrary opinions.

The lone blogger relishes the opportunity
to express a different point of view,
to be free from peer influence
and ideological expectations.

The isolated blogger dreams
of disunity within all fascinations.

By boldly declaring a position,
one obtains confidence.

Self-assured assertions
bring about steadfastness.

Clarity of focus
establishes independence.

Unique voice evolves
from separation.

Popularity is achieved by
doing what is unpopular.


carrie said...

i've never found that show worth watching for more than four minutes.

Zafu said...

Today, at the Tao of Steve...

"How to be popular by being unpopular."

(Nice, Steven!)

zafu said...

Not sure what to make of it, though...

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: you know I don't go around attacking what other people like.

It's just that my friend from Junior High on up till now, a best friend, an old friend who knows me, and is like a brother to me, and this other mutual friend, were ridiculing me for not liking Buffy.

I hate almost all television, radio, and films. All I really like are Seinfeld, Larry Sanders, She Spies, Blotter, Cheaters, and a little tiny bit of Sex and the City, mainly to laugh at the maladroit male pigs.

But here are two intellectual friends, heavily into Warhol, noise band Merzbow, avant garde this and underground that, yet I feel their tastes in pop culture to be lame and boring.

Zafu: By "become popular by doing that which in unpopular" I meant:

try to be innovative, ahead of your time, pioneering, swimming against the flow, non-mainstream, unique, non-conformist, unusual, creative.

If you imitate other successful bloggers, artists, filmmakers, poets, painters, musicians, actors, gardeners, chefs, whatever, all you can possibly be is a redundant clone of someone else.

Zafufilia said...

That explanation makes sense. Thank you.

Zafufilia said...


Read my post of Aug 24 2005 and tell me whether that was a maladroit pig...