Sunday, August 14, 2005

BlogPulse Profiles beta now available

NEW BlogPulse Profiles

It's late, or actually, early Sunday morning, 4:25 AM and I have to go to bed and get up again at 9 AM.

Now listen--I don't have time for any lengthy description or analysis of this amazing new blogospheric service. But I fired off an email to BlogPulse, raved (unpaid) about their Profile service, and mentioned that I was going to post something about it. So here I am, keeping my word.

BlogPulse has just launched a Beta version of a blog/blogger tracking function with multiple options, charts, etc. You can learn a lot about your own blog, or blogs of others, with this cool new service.

Here's what they say at the BlogPulse site:


Blogger Profiles allows users to find more information about a specific blog or blogger—who authors it, how active the blog is, how it ranks in comparison with other blogs, what it's about, etc.

Many people have questions about who bloggers are and how much influence they wield.

BlogPulse Profiles provide basis metrics and analysis to begin to answer those questions.


Go check it out, run your own blogs through it, or blogs you're curious about, and see what happens. Look at all the aspects and characteristics you can track or chart. How cool is this? Very cool, that's how.

I'll probably post more about this Profile service later today or tomorrow. G'night all.

[signed sleepily] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Voix said...

Interesting site. I liked it, and will probably go back. I'm in the "not ranked" category, however, which makes me feel lonely and unloved. *sniff*

steven edward streight said...

Not ranked? Well, remember this is the Beta version, beta as in "bugs". Not all the imperfections have been removed. I found a little bug in it and emailed BlogPulse about it.

But I like the content analysis, the "common keywords identified in recent posts" and other features.

Yes, return to the site often. Run other blogs through it. See at least monthly, how your blog is doing within these parameters.

carrie said...

my blog is 'not-ranked' either, however i was able to look at info on all of the other tabs.

steven edward streight said...

I wonder if your blog has to be in their database or registered for their spider crawling.

You both have Google/Blogger blogs, so they should be in the BlogPulse system.

But try submitting your sites to BlogPulse and then see what happens.