Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blogosphere needs more hate

The blogosphere needs more hate.

I mean that with all my seething, sweltering heart.

As more and more conservative business losers, pampered wanker sissy boys, and loony tunes fanatics invade the blogosphere, I think we're seeing a general dumbing down and crybabifying effect.

Seth Godin warned that as the drivel blogs accumulate, the overall value of the blogosphere plummets accordingly. He's right about that, you know.

My good friend Dave Taylor has been keystroking some powerful and valuable posts lately. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't. But he does provoke thought.

Recently he's even been on a I Hate Podcasts binge, which I admire. (See August 2005 posts at his blog.) Podcasts of lectures and interviews are much too long-winded, including my own.

Now I just stumbled upon this delightful cautionary post:

"Business Blogging Tip: It's a Jungle Out There"

Dave tries to prepare business leaders for the occasional flame comment.

But see, I like it when a comment flames me, especially if I really did do or say something that needs a harsh criticism.

Constant praise makes us self-indulgent, careless, full of grandiose delusions. But criticism, complaints, attacks make us tougher, smarter, more precise.

I visit some personal blogs for a change of pace, and I read some amazing comments. One type of comment I encounter a lot is: "Thanks for taking a stand against that. Most bloggers have no guts and avoid confrontation. I'm glad you spoke up and voiced a legitimate critique."

Blog readers seem surprised to read a post that really expresses a hostile opinion about something that is truly evil, selfish, or stupid. Of course, my readers are blessed with a steady diet of no-nonsense, no holds barred, bold and blunt dealing with a variety of issues.

Let's see what Dave Taylor says on this subject of harsh comments at business blogs, then I'll give you my pointed response.

[QUOTE by Dave Taylor, August 18, 2005]

One of the things about business blogging that has a tendency to surprise corporate people who are used to a world of control, of polite and professional interaction, of carefully managed interaction, executive "handlers", and planned messaging: bloggers can be a pretty merciless bunch.

Ask anyone who has been involved in the blogosphere for any length of time and you'll hear stories about a few words taken out of context, a single sentence out of a 650 word essay that is misinterpreted and then takes on a life of its own.

Not that this sort of thing doesn't happen with corporate communications anyway, but once your words are online, easily quoted and efficiently disseminated, they're also quite easily misquoted.

If you're getting ready to start blogging, make sure you're also ready to have people say bad things about you outside of your sphere of influence.

This facet of business blogging isn't always apparent because most of the business blog community itself has a good professional ethic and while they'll disagree with corporate positions, they tend not to take potshots at the bloggers.

But cast your net more widely and you'll find that the bloggers outside the mainstream or the bloggers that don't consider themselves "business" bloggers are happy to take potshots, often in your own comment stream, but just as often on their own weblogs where the best you can do is add your own comment in response to what they say or, perhaps, to just ignore it.

However it happens, and whatever response you decide to utilize, do recognize that the more your company becomes visible online, the more you'll find that you're written about -- for better and worse -- online too.

And my advice? Roll with it. Focus on the positive. Write good content and stay on message, on your message.

[END QUOTE by Dave Taylor]

[Vaspers the Grate responds vasperishly...]

Here's the comment I posted in response to my buddy Dave's post.

I encourage pot shots, directed at myself, and at everyone else.

Not comment spam, trolling, baiting, or abuse, but real live livid vivid COMPLAINTS and Criticism is desperately needed.

The rough and tumble world of the blogosphere is not for pampered sissies who played sports where no score is taken so there are no losers.

Companies need to hear the complaints of consumers. When the corporate losers outsource customer service, we shall insource bitching.

We are the battle scarred insourcers, hating every bone in their rotten bodies, the corporate scum.

We hate, hate, hate, and love every stinking minute of it.

March on harsh commenters. I beat the martial drum for you.


My point, and I hope everyone catches it accurately, is NOT that hate in itself is "good".

My point is: the MSM (mainstream media), governments, religions, and corporations have told us to shut up and passively listen for too long.

We're sick of pulpit pounding with no Q & A, seminars with no interaction, professors lecturing ad nauseum as we race to scratch notes, and advertising that forces idiotic commercials on us everywhere we go.

Now the dummies who are naive enough to start a blog are going to hear from us.

"Blog, busineses, blog" we coax.

"Blog, CEOs, blog" we tempt.

"Blog, pastor, blog" we taunt.

"Blog, professor, blog" we chant.

"Blog, politician, blog" we sing.

They have no idea what we're REALLY after.

We encourage them to start blogging, not for their benefit, not as another advertising medium, but for our benefit, so we can bitch and gripe and yell at them.



Lovelessly yours,

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

You know me... I love to loathe. I love to bitch, scream, kick, yell, rant, howl, hoot, and oogle. Give me the opportunity and I will tear you a new one. If you have something to say, and I disagree with it, I will go into battle. Recently on a political blog I fought alone for about twenty posts, more than half that were mine. I won't give in, I won't give up.

I can no longer bitch through regular avenues as all of them are tired. Blogging gives me the opportunity to bitch to the world, and someone out there will read it and hear it, especially if it is an attack on them. That's what is so great about blogging.

You see, the majority of the people who are harsh bloggers out there like myself and steven are probably very similar in real life. We are a little bit louder, and a little bit more controversial thatn the rest. We take chances, and often pull off some crazy stuff. Now that I have been in an office for two and a half years, the people here don't want to listen to my political rantings and ravings. They don't want to listen to what they consider a tired opinion. They have all heard it before. Now I have an avenue where I can voice it, and, if you don't like it, t.s. People coming into this have to realize they are putting it out there to the public. We are gonna read it, and, if we don't like it, you are gonn hear it.

'Nuf said.

Bitchingly yours,


Zafufilia said...

The age of loathing is upon us. Maybe we need to cleanse the grime of the 20th century off ourselves. Derrida was a horseman of the apocalypse. Someday, maybe a century from now, we will begin to feel born afresh (not to say 'again') and take up rocketship- or spacefarm-building and the global culture will know itself scarred, but more resilient and full of energy than ever. We'll reinvent ourselves through communication; we'll finally start listening to each other. We are the portal now. It must happen. Let the war of the words begin!

carrie said...

i know what you mean.
i'm pickin' up what yer throwin' down, steven.

steven edward streight said...

I call it Positive Hate.

Jesus had it, and used it. Not against "sinners", or gays, or abortion clinics, or drunks...but against churchians, religious fanatic hypocrite freak Pharisees.

Socrates had it. Buddha had it. I'll bet Martin Luther King Jr. had it and so did Martin Luther. All the great geniuses and thought leaders use Positive Hate against evil, stupidity, and mediocrity.

We need more Positive Hate.

steven edward streight said...

Your "tired opinion"? The mediocrity, status quo, crybaby pampered narcissistic, "everything I do is fine" crowd are the ones who are "tired".

They're tired of having to think. They're tired of contrary opinions. They want everyone to be dumbed down like they are. It would make life so much simpler for them, and for The Powers That Pretend To Be.

They want us to shut up so they can go back to sleepwalking.

They want us to shut up so they can enjoy their mindless entertainment and homoerotic sports.

They want us to shut up so they can still believe that one political party is 100% right and the others are 100% wrong.

Guess what? We will NOT shut up. We are in the blogosphere and we will give 100 Kinds of Hell to anyone we disagree with.

I want to scare people out of the blogosphere. I've tried to do that to a Guardian UK reporter and a few others.

That schmuck "editor" of The Red Couch/N_ _ _ _ _ Conversations book at Wiley Publishing, total moron.

Came up with two stupid titles for the Red Couch business blogging book, the first "Blog or Die" I destroyed, then the second "Naked Conversations" is infinitely more stupid.

Crap for brains editor at Wiley Publishing.

Zafufilia said...

One good reason not to shut up (besides Steven's vox populi clashing against the Powers That Would Be) is that (in my opinion, obviously) it is time to begin considering ways to build ourselves "a" community again. That may mean people being with each other and against each other, but ultimately relating to each other in ways such that we regain more fluidity, forgiveness and room for error in our lives. How much of our culture is driven by notions of the super-achieving public individual who'll stop at nothing 'til perfection? Public life, cultural norms, hardline political/religious rhetoric, standards of beauty, ideas about right and wrong have become impossibly tightlaced around us. Sometimes I get the impression, too, that we relate to behemoths (Hollywood, Washington, Silicon Valley) more fully than we do to each other as people lately. Well I want to see a time soon when we turn our faces toward each other and remember each other again, abandoning our obsession with the culture of "publicity" in favor of plain talking with and listening to each other. Blogs seem to me to be a wonderful vehicle for that, in that they seem to appeal to a broad cross-section of the culture and are inherently about communicating the personal-- be that personal romantic questions or personal business wisdom.

"The more economy, money, and information become global, the more community will matter." Peter F. Drucker

steven edward streight said...

Zaf: thanks for the intelligent, insightful, and uniquely You content!

You are so good at expressing profound concepts.

I agree with you, as usual, and I admire the scope of your comment here.

My life is pretty simple:

I don't believe in--

* any government

* Hollywood

* corporate command and control systems that step on consumers and frontline workers

* any political party or politician

* any religious institutions

* any educational institutions, though I do like a lot of what goes on at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, MIT, Yale, and Harvard.

* political correctness thought control

* nation states

* any economic theories

* any mainstream anything.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So when is the revolution?!?

Call me up. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels....

steven edward streight said...

The revolution, as always, is, and ever shall be, NOW.

Zafufilia said...

I like MIT (and the likes) too. In fact, I've been thinking about applying to a program MIT has in comparative media studies. Maybe in the next year or so... I hope they admit me. And I hope I can afford it.

steven edward streight said...

I'm on a rampage right now.

My brother, who I suspect is stealing money from my feeble bed-ridden mother, with whom he lives, tried to get me fired from a new job on my first day.

Now my mother, an enabler, is mad at me for exposing a manipulative evil.

I spent half my day in the State's Attorney's office, filing restraining orders and trying to protect my feeble mother.

We need to identify objects worthy of pure hate, and then attack them with zeal, vigor, and all the might we can muster.

MIT is a good school.

Zafufilia said...

Your brother sounds like he's pretty far gone. I'm sorry you had to spend a valuable day dealing with this BS. My own mother is like this... enabling horrible, unethical behavior in certain people. (She won't let me get away with diddly by the way, but I think this has kept me more honest than a certain sibling of mine [for instance]).

Steven I hope that your day has gotten better. Be strong.

steven edward streight said...

Zaf: thanks for your support.

This is really the first time I have ever discussed excruciatingly private details on my blogs. I try to refrain from doing so.

For more ranting and raving, see my post on Blog Core Values, "The Private Path".

I just posted it a few seconds ago.

I am in one gigantic rotten mood, but I've got a lot of new CDs to listen to, to put me in a contemplative state of mind.

I sure don't want to inflict my private problems on my blog readers, but sometimes I guess it's good to get things off your chest.

Truth and Goodness shall absolutely prevail. I really do believe that. And I am a born fighter. I am afraid of nothing. I could stroll down the streets of Baghdad screaming, "Cowards with covered faces, come out and fight like a man."

God help me, I would eat their eyeballs right out of their skulls, even though we were lied to about freaking "weapons of mass destruction".

I hate all governments and politicians and religions.


But I love my blog readers and lurkers and commenters.