Friday, August 05, 2005

Blogocombat is good for you

Blogocombat is good for you.

I know. Some of you still think you'll never be in a position where you'll have to engage in online warfare.

Guess again.

One of these days, your little dreamy blog euphoria utopia will burst into a flaming hell.

At first you'll panic.

You'll wonder how anyone in their right mind could have posted that unfair and scathing comment on your blog.

Or you'll wonder why another commenter would viciously ridicule a simple statement of opinion that you posted at someone's blog.

You'll stare in disbelief at the rotten remark.

You'll feel hurt, confused, bewildered, unsure of how to respond. You'll wonder if you should just ignore it.

Or say something pleasant and hope for the best, trusting in your idyllic notion of human nature (which is hopelessly corrupt and foul--just look at the mess we've made on this planet).

Then, maybe, if you're lucky...'ll remember some of the cryptic things I've said on this subject of "blogocombat".

I'm preparing a

Manual of Strategic Blogocombat.

Blogocombat is good for you. It strengthens your true vision and weeds out false notions and flimsy opinions.

It purifies the blogosphere, as the slimebloggers and scumsiters fall like insurgent jerks.

By the time the blogosphere catches up with us, friends, we'll be Astral Blogging to Martians and stardwellers in the nebulae.

Stay tuned to Vaspers the Grate.

It's going to get even more businesslike and bizarre, simultaneously.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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