Monday, August 01, 2005

Blog Blindness: an untreatable disease

Blog Blindness: an untreatable disease

Some people are blinded by strange shimmerings and cannot see blogs.

Symptoms of This Tragic Incurable Ailment

(1.) They ask "What's a blog?" You explain "blog, blogging, blogosphere" very well. They still don't "get it".

(2.) They hear about blogs from others, they watch television news reports about blogs with blogger interviews and screenshots. They are no wiser than they were before. They still wonder what a blog is.

(3.) You show them a blog, maybe even your own blog. They look right at the blog and cannot see it. It's there, but they're not. They're somewhere else, in a faraway outmoded land, a brazen frozen terrasphere, cracked and bleeding ground of being something that's behind, straggling shamefacedly, stalled and negligent, stuff with Other Things, eyes burned out of their sockets by rockets of nowhere's glands.

The Dreaded Cure that's No Cure

The only way to heal the person is to convince them to start their own blog.

This is dismissed as a totally undesirable solution, since the formerly Blog Blind person generally turns into a Chronic Overcompensating Blogging Evangelist, trying to get others to follow down the slippery slope of hardcore bloggery.

Blog Creation, although it is potent enough to flush out misgivings and mistakings, will only result, in most cases, with manic pursuit of addictive:

"template tweaking"

"blogroll rubbing"

"clinking syndrome"


"reciprocal comment posting"

"blog traffic exchange cult involvement"



"blogification rituals"

"visitor stats frenzy"


"blattooing (self-inflicted blog tattoos)".

careful with that blog Eugene!

we're in the court of the grim sun blog King.

blog on blog = positively blog street


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Marty said...

The whole home surveillance systems is freaky, but the truth is it wouldn't be long before it actually comes true.