Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Zombie Blogging

Zombie Blogging, what is it?

It's using a blog for unblog activities, or for artistic purposes.


I just now finished a zombie blog.

It's called Jejune Jumpers:


It's an unblog.

It's using blogging software,

deconstructed, full of template

surgery, code deletions...

...zombification: mutilated template.

No comments.

No posts.

No About/Profile.

No archives.

No tagline description.

No blogroll.

No links to anything.

Just a title, uploaded title image,

and a story in the right column.

It doesn't look or act like a blog.

Yet, it's built with Blogger software.



Zombie Blog is not bad.

It's not Pseudo Blog, not Ghost Blog, not Team Blog, not Link Farm Blog, not Anti-Blog.

Zombie Blogging, as I'm inventing and defining it today for the blogosphere, is a good thing, or at least neutral. Nearly always good for the blogger, and may not even have an audience, or at least not in the conventional sense.

I'm going to start a Zombie Blog, just to demonstrate the esoteric principles involved in this new field of blogging.

Many have stretched their hopes and dreams on the bow of Zombie Blogging, and the string is drawn tight, ready to unleash the leveraged arrow toward its bullseye.

Zombie Blogging: New Trend

I've decided to start a new trend,

calling it a new trend before it's

even formulated, wishful thing-king.

Zombie Blogging: Now Friend

here's all you have to do...

use a blog for a non-blog purpose.

Deconstruct the blog.

What are a blog's guts? Skeleton?

Internal organs? Breath? Eyes? Brain?

What if you surgically removed

a few of the ordinarily "vital" parts?

DECONSTRUCTED Unblog Blogs...coming soon!

HOW TO Zombie Blog:

(1.) Think of something you could do
with a blog, but blogs aren't used for.

This means it may not be a "log" of anything.

It means it may not be necessarily "web" anything.

It may not be a communication tool, for example.

It may not link to any other sites, for another example.

May not have any blogroll.

Not have any About or Profile.

Any human personality in it.


(2.) Make a blog that's a non-blog by deliberately
not including typical blog functions and aspects.

For example, a blog without posts, just a sidebar.

Or a blog that has one post, with endless comments,

comments that act as posts, that change topic randomly.

(3.) Combine non-blog purposes with unblog features:

you're zombie blogging.

I will be starting a Zombie Blog soon.

Tonight, if you're unlucky.

And then you'll see something,

I think. Something quite odd.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Karen said...

You're too late, Steven. It's already invented. :-(

I googled "zombie blogging" and came up with several references, including (from June 2004):

Zombie Blogging:

steven edward streight said...

Scott Sauer's ZOG blog, which he calls a "zombie blog" is NOT a true Zombie Blog.

I read the first few entries.

Nothing very Dada about it, as he claims to be using cut and paste of the Burroughs school I suppose is what he may be thinking of doing but does it pan out or fan out?

Don't want to be Donor Blog to this.

Nice try, but PZ Myers of Pharyngula, his blog is on my Secrets of the Blogging Pros survey participants list.

he yeah, i no

steven edward streight said...

Okay Karen, best ally a blogger can have, now you've forced my hand.

People can google "zombie blog" until they're blue in the face or six feet under, it won't matter.

I am the inventor of the genuine radical Zombie Blog.

You may watch the work-in-progress at:

Jejune Jumpers

MARYBETH said...

I just want to get a regualr old blog running in a typical manor before i do anything outside the box, so to speak!
Did you get my e-mail?

steven edward streight said...


Have not checked my Yahoo email for a few or several hours. Will go look.

If I can successfully mutilate a blog template and turn it into an unblog, force it to do things it was not meant to do, i.e, not do what it should, on purpose...

...just think what I could do for you!

Angel said...

I think your blog is weird LOL