Friday, July 15, 2005

You Tell Me What You Want

You tell me what you'd like me to blog about.

In keeping with my Comment Priority Policy, where I exalt comments above posts, trackbacks, and links, I thought this would be a nice experiment.

As long as it's not repulsive morally, I'll blog about anything you want. I'll express my useless and boring opinion, or even do research on a topic, if you insist.

I've never seen any blogger do this, but I'm sure some have. It's not that revolutionary, but it's worth a try.

Besides, if you don't tell me what kinds of topics nobody covers, that you'd like to see me cover, see what I'd do with say "albino bats" and "astrophysical disasters", nobody will get to read it.

Unless, left to my own devices, I do it unprompted.

The topics I have in mind to post about, let's just say, strange.

Stop me.

Give me other, safer, nicer topics.

You really wanna see My Rant on Mommy Blogs?

Mostly happening at "Carrie So Contrary" aka "100% Real" aka The Wrath of Grapes aka Buddha dharma aka rigmarole aka Om Namaste.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



steven edward streight said...

Karen sent me this suggestion via email:


I have some
possible posts for you:

Where do you see the future going for blogging and bloggers?
What gets you excited about the future of blogging and what worries you?

Put on your magic hat and predict the future - what can we expect in 1 year,
5 years, 10 years from now regarding blogging? Will bloggers turn into MSM
and be irrelevant? Take more seriously? Less seriously since there are
millions of blogs out there and the air at the top is pretty rarefied
already. There's already talk that blogging has 'jumped the shark' and isn't
such a big deal anymore (except to fellow bloggers).

What do you think?



Done Deal.

Already did it, several times in fact, and posted some top bloggers' replies to an email survey on "Definition and Future of Blogs".

Millions of seconds ago.

Will also post about the future of blogs in the future at this blog.

Also have a languishing wiki on the topic, I promised myself to work on this weekend, along with Evan Williams' new Odeo synchr download and increasing virtual memory in Windows, etc. Sob story?


"Blog Definition & Future of Blogs--Part One" and "--Part Two".

My ridiculous personal answer is in one of those posts, and it's long, mundane, trite, and complex.

Or profound, rotund, ephemeric, and clandestined.


Karen said...

Okay, Steven, here's another one then for you:

How do you decide who to put on your blogroll? Or even to have one at all?

I know that you've mentioned that you advocate having one, but could there be a good reason not to have one?

Do you include people who put you on their blog so you're obligated to put theirs on yours? What's the criteria? What about those people who took you off their blogroll? Should we take that personally?


steven edward streight said...


(1.) I'm going to take your suggestion, as I said I would in the post, and do another post about "The Future of Blogs".

(2.) and "Is the Blog Revolution Over?"

(3.) and "Will MSM and Blogosphere Merge?"

All really good topics.

(4.) Blogroll Dynamics is another excellant topic. Will get right to work on that one now.


Glad I got some response to this request.