Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vaspers the...what?

A catastrophic strophe: this is not a love song.

This is not a blogospheric blunderbuss that pretends all is fine and dandy.

This is not a buried television to be viewed by those with heads plaintively planted in the sand.

This is not a pluperfect pool for Narcissus to gaze into morbidly, while his lover Echo spends her remaining moments vanishing into phonological repetitions.

This is not a helioscope with radiant pleasantries streaming through audience-drilled holes.


MARYBETH said...

Hi Steven,
How are you feeling today??

"blogospheric blunderbuss"
Your gift with words is such a Joy!

Vasper's THe Muse of The Blogosphere.

You just ROck!
I am so grateful that you do

THanks for being who you are.
N a m a s t e ,

steven edward streight said...

Oddly drained of energy today. Cannot seem to pull myself together. Should not have eaten two hamburgers, on top of that glass of Evil Eye.

Does Evil Eye beverage knock people out? Is that what makes it "evil"?

I have about 4 or 5 essays to post on Vaspers and Blog Core Values, but just don't have the strength. Weird. Feel tired but not at all sleepy.

Tired, not sleepy: it's like tripping on acid or mescaline. I feel very undead, must be how vampires feel all the time, the poor wretched saps.

Sapped is how I feel today.

Rn't you glad you asked?


MARYBETH said...

Get some rest Brillient star

You will feel better soon =)

steven edward streight said...

yes dear me oh my dec

steven edward streight said...

esoteric tip for close readers:

since I'm tired but not sleepy--I shall now sip coughie and unleash the deeper blogoabyss of the uc which according to jacques lacan is structuuuuured like a lingo, though I climatize it to resemble more a dingo.

steven edward streight said...

hair it combs now

MARYBETH said...

Dear Steven,


MARYBETH said...

Dear Steven,

this could be record breaking speed for comment response


you missed one from yesterday

just a kind reminder , as you know i would never complainm though I would suggest you lay off the hamburger UCK!!!!!!

MARYBETH said...

just cick that there blog on your

blog roll called

life in the desert

yeseree that be da one

albeit it lacks, the longitude -

the latitude the attitude of a


but it sure dont lack no Gratitude

steven edward streight said...

I feel like it's Christmas in July deja vu view, dig?

MARYBETH said...

musician turned blogologist??

wasps nest yours??

or just a difrant steven ??

steven edward streight said...

I was never in The Sixths, The Nervous Eaters, Crispy Ambulence, Au Pairs, Television, Television Personalities, The Vulgar Boatmen, Chemicals Made From Dirt, The High, I Don't Care, My Dad is Dead, The Dancing Cigarettes, Scissor Fits, Felt, Chrome, Chocolate Telephone Pole, 50 Foot Hose, Everything is Everything, The Virgin Prunes, Spooky Tooth, Second Layer, The Hobbits, The Mummies, Flying Saucer Attack, The Sicilian Vespers, or The New Age Steppers.

My bands had more dignified names like the Coffee Birds, the Lava Lamps, Sex Destruction, Streight Sounds Mind Removal, the Oil Parades, the Yellow Microscopes, and the Guru Zombies of North America (WRPI Experimental Music Ensemble, Troy, New York).

steven edward streight said...

Oh, how could I forget the flagship band...


who is about poised to release multiple, a plethoratic mix of DVDs and CDs of live and home studio recordings to the general public.

MARYBETH said...

well then why did you right about the wasps?? , reference to your refernce and apparent message sending wasps...

O.K. I fold,
Cards down
time to take myself
out of town
long journey ahead
better get to bed


Anonymous said...

Hi Steven: i just happen to be in Chemicals Made From Dirt. From the way you think you could be in the band. Out in the five zones the senders eat their own kind. Beatniks looking for tourists. Tourists looking for beatniks. By. doug

steven edward streight said...

Doug: if you are really in the band Chemicals Made From Dirt, what is the song title that was issued on a flexi-disc many years ago?

Hint: it dealt with a news item.

Also: what is your web site, since all bands that are serious have web sites now.

My band Camouflage Danse is poised to release DVDs of live filming and CDs of studio and live tracks. We shocked the avant garde NYC art scene and we still persist in shocking everyone we can shake a stick at.

Hope you're legit, doug.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steven: Of course I'm legit. Flexi disc was in Option, later Op as my memory fails me. It had Klaus von Bulow and Rapula. And I quote. "I'm Rapula at my best in 18 inches of water. Eyes like chlorine cakes the son of Dracula's daughter. Dolphins Humans etc". Who else could know that? Since I wrote it I even know what it's about. Funny you know the flexi with the accordian player
Any way your band sounds interesting. Playing anywhere? I have no website yet. Doug

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven again: Chemicals cd is at Hyped2death website in all it's glory. Doug

steven edward streight said...

You're legit. I only questioned you because it would be easy for anyone to say "I'm in Chemicals Made From Dirt" after reading my ridiculous list of band names.

I worked for a magazine publisher, and I thought of the idea of using flexis to promote a particular magazine, putting interviews on them, then binding them into the magazine.

So I asked a flexi manufacturer to send me samples. He did. They were all underground, avant garde, new wave type music flexis. Being an avid collector of obscure music, I asked him to send me more. After the third request, I was greedy, he finally cut me off.

But that's how I got to acquire the Claus von Bulow song by Chemicals Made From Dirt. I made cassette tapes for friends, and included that flexi on tapes. I thought it was quite a great capture, and I loved the name of the band.

A special internet radio broadcast of Camouflage Danse was conducted several months ago via Kill Radio out of Hollywood. We are defunkt, broken up, not playing anymore, but who knows? Maybe someday we'll re-group.

So your band is still together?

You "have no web site yet"?

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