Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's wild youth think...

Today's Wild Youth think:

1. Tiny Tim is the midget on Seinfeld.

2. Dolly Pardon's boobs have always been size XXXXXXXXX Large.

3. Sex Pistols must be some kind of bullet proof condoms.

4. Cassette is used in: "why? cassette so, that's why"--a phrase parents say a lot.

5. A "lid" is something that covers a container.

6. Carson is a guy with a blog, an MTV veejay--not a dead talk show host.

7. Ramones is an Italian restaurant in Soho.

8. Mainlining is an internet service.

A little dose of humor, to obey a fan's command to "lighten up" and suck up to my demanding audience.

Inspired by Carrie's friend Michele.

See photo, an image I really like.

Guys, she's...well, you know: hot.

Now go read her even-more-funny post:

"The Mindset List"

I don't know if Michele likes my blog or my personality, but this photo represents what I like to think of as the typical reader and fan of Vaspers the Grate.

I think my fans look like this. Just dreaming I guess.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Voix said...

Thanks for the link, hot stuff.

Glad you like the photo.

steven edward streight said...

You're adroitly welcome, Top Hat.