Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This is what a blog is

This is what a blog is:

quick and easy

web content

publishing platform.

Enhanced by,

and in most cases,

even mandatory:

user comments


blogger replies.

A Blog is Not:

A blog is not a

mini-web site

that's easy for





to update

and link.

This is Old School Thinking,

not relevant for any

business or communications

entity wishing to

win hearts

and minds

of consumers

Consumers have heard plenty of




Now, they want





Not just a

"readers forum"

(aka: let the kooks

flame the kooks).

THE BLOG represents:

Web Revolution

embodied in

the Democratization

of Unedited Transparent Candid

Easy Instant Web Content

Accompanied By Reader Comment

and Author Response.

Its a Joint Publishing miracle,

the humble little

much abused and



The micro site

with an ugly,

innocent name.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



MARYBETH said...

Hey Vaspers,
Im ready for chapter 2 =)

what is ugly about the name?

what is the focus on deconsruction?


carrie said...

blog sounds like slug and bog mixed together. both of those words describe things humans tend to find slimy and slithery and damp.

that is my two-cents worth.


steven edward streight said...

carrie the sharp cookie strikes again.

excellant analysis, says it all, very astute, my goodness.

that's my kind of thinking, taught me largely by my dear junior high school through up to right now, many centuries and seconds later, Bennett Theissen, lead vocalist in our avant garde electronic folk punk industrial novelty band CAMOUFLAGE DANSE, about to release a series of CDs and DVDs of live and home studio material.

I hate HATE H-A-T-E saying, in response to "What do you do?", "Me? Er, uh, well you know computers? And how they like to connect with each other? All over the world and into outer space? Well, now people are imitating the computers and linking to each other in multiple ways: audio, textual, video, file sharing, photos, music, films, all on one messy weave? That's what I do and help others to do. I make and improve web sites and blogs. Mostly improve. Huh? Oh. Blog? I dunno. I just work on them. You'll have to look in an online dictionary."

That word "blog" comes out like vocal vomit.


Caveman sound.


Too Animalistic, as the Angry Samoans punk band sang.

So bloggy.

carrie said...

but bloggy is the cutest word ever

steven edward streight said...

the word "bloggy" is blushing