Thursday, July 21, 2005

Terrorists and Blogs

Terrorists and blogs are polar opposites, as I've often explained in my blogs and in comments at other blogs.

Terrorism Deconstructed: since they cause far more anger and wish for retaliation, than "terror", these crybaby bullies should be more correctly called "angerists", they inspire not dread but irritation, disgust, resolve to respond harshly and fatally.

An "Online Comment Aggregator" is needed as new blog tech. A program that will keep track of, categorize, summarize, and archive in searchable data bases, all your comments at online locations.

For example, my recent comment at Plastic Bag, at today's post by Tom Coates.


I'm dreadfully sorry to hear about the explosions.

I am triumphalist about this: Britons cannot be intimidated by cowards with covered faces.

UK is exactly the worst place to play sick little "terrorist" hit and run, or hit and die, games.

Blogs and the New Me Media, as reported in the Aug. 2005 issue of Readers Digest, p. 117, are big causes of spreading info anarchy, information wants to be free, as free as religious and political expression wish to be, and by God, they all, all, shall and will be free.

Nothing can stop the Universal Democracy and Free Thought Revolution glimpsed within, and symbolized by the internet.

I stand with London against cowards with covered faces, misanthropes with violent agendas, sacrificial losers speeding off to whatever now.


As a blogophile, I am offended at all acts of violence, from Grand Theft Auto to Abu Ghrayib.

I am personally and professionally insulted when any nation-state or guerilla suicide bomber harms any living beings, including insects and animals.

Blogging is the antithesis of terrorism-angerism.

Blogging is speaking your mind freely, about any prophet or belief system or action plan you want to speak about...and responding to equally free expression comments on your ideas and opinions.

Check it out:

(1) Big mouth.

(2) Thick skin.

(3) Soft heart.

(4) Smart head.

(5) High speed keyboard pounding and pummeling fingertips.

The 5 main ingredients of a hardcore super blogger.

We Fear...NOTHING whatsoever.

Put that in your bookbag and tote it.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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