Friday, July 01, 2005

Sidebar Map-vaspers the grate

Vaspers the Grate

Sidebar Map

Looking for a specific sidebar item, know it's there somewhere, but can't seem to find it by scrolling the main page?

Now you can speed-scroll through a list of titles of sidebar contents.

Easy Stats "Persons Online" visitor counter

Global Super Blogger 2005

Jolly What? blogger testimonial quotes

Search Site instructions

Firefox "the browser you can trust" button

I Am a Statistic MIT Weblog Survey button

Blog Patrol button

Technorati Live 8 button

Recent Posts text link list w/photo icon

I Power Blogger button

About Me

View my complete profile

What Other Bloggers Say About Me text link

Consumer Reports WebWatch compliance statement

Privacy Policy

Music Cosmos "listening to:" list

Blogging a Transformative Path icon

Carrie's Om Namaste text link

Hex Value Moderator text link

Webs for World Progress radio button w/text link

Against Political Censorship of Blogs text link

49 Media Podcast w/Vaspers the Grate text link

Contact - email address

Comment instructions

Feeds icon links

Email Updates - Bloglet subscription sign-up text entry box

More - list of other Vaspers/Streight blogs

Guest Posts text link list

Interplanetary Internet text link

Friend of Israel icon

Support Democracy in Iraq icon

Real Democracy in Iran icon

My BlogMap

Local OPML button

Technorati Profile text link

Vote for Me at 49 Media button

Vaspers the Grate definition

Some Controversial Posts User Ranked Tech News text links

Blog Directories buttons

Lockergnome RSS/Atom text links


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