Thursday, July 07, 2005

Secret Language Blogs

I visited a secret language
teen code blog again today.

It's the only one I monitor
from time to time, checking
ont 2 c waz goyngn.

I study the language usage.

I've posted about her before:


Take a look at this conversation,
from the message board on her blog.

Do you think any adults or parents
could figure out what's being said?

NOTE: Read from bottom to top, not top down.

This is text from a tagboard type

chatroom function on a blog,

first entry appears last,

at the bottom,

last entry appears at top.


Shaziee to ZuL: halo.. Sorry i didn't call ya up... Tgh 'sakit jiwa' skrg.. Gonna call ya up SOON...

ZuL: HoLA! Kate nak kol!! I tunggu nye tunggunyr tunggu,u tk telepon..Haha..Kol me aite!

shaziee to awan: Hahakz.. Exam ah bro? Kesiann...;)

awan : aiyoo boring EXAMS!!! AGRRR!

shaziee to sharifah: aite.. u've been linked! jgn lupe link aku jugak yer..

sharifah: amacam?? hows life??? link aku ehk...

shaziee to awan: aite bro..! U've been linked too!

shaziee to ilyas: aite~

shaziee to myzurah: haha... tkdelah mcm gitu..

awan: YAWNZ!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ andek was here yawning at 1.36 am 3rd july 05 U have been added to my limited edition links =D

ilyas to shaziee: aite2! aku dah link kau! Live long and prosper!

myzurah: admired ur looks...lawa....

shaziee to ida: aite.. thanks..

ida: i've lift the bans

SHaziee to Zul: Halo dear... Sorry 4 not callin' ya.. Been so tired this week..My body feels so weak..Insyallah tonite i call ya aite~ Love ya too~

ZuL: sayang ku Lina??Mana kamu menghilang??Haha.. Aku rindu bangat sama kamu!!!KoL la umah aku besok malam k!!Kite ngomong2 ya!!Hehe!Seriously,miss u girl!! Tc N I LOVe u!! ;)

Shaziee to ilyas: Yo kwn lamer! Ape khabar? Baikz? Aite.. Aku da link kau.. Jgn lupe link aku plak.. ;)

Shaziee to Nana: Na! U sounded so happy! Haha.. Neway,dah.. dari kul 2pm tadi da balik tapi bz dgn anak2 sedara aku...

ilyas: hey lina! lagi ingat aku tak? ilyas lah... amacam? eh, link aku.

Nana: wat doin??? da alik sch???


There are some unusual things being done in personal teen blogs. They are using blogs in similar manner to text messaging, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. I see my prophecy coming true: the blog as the center, the cyber-car, the home base.

Personal blogs are trying new technologies, blog enhancements, and combinations of various communications media.

Some nice graphics, strange layouts, real innovation and creativity. Their blogrolls are nearly always only a short list of friends and family.

Some are using tagboards and message boards for comments, rather than regular blog comment functions.

Bewildering are many, disorienting, so unlike the regimented "business blogs" that have almost no character and nearly nothing to say. So they link instead.

Then they think that links are superior to comments, and so they disable comments.

Back to the stone age, caveman. A blog needs to be interactive, via comments.

Most "business blogs" and "marketing blogs" look pretty bleak, unimaginative, and boring compared to many personal teen network blogs. They may not seem (to adults) to have much to say, but they sure know how to say it. I think.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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