Thursday, July 28, 2005

Paradice Beach needs a blog

My brother, a beer, and a Paradice Beach "White Trash Party"

Paradice Beach web site needs to be a blog.

This web site is owned by a friend of my brother. I want to help her switch to a blog, because conventional static web sites are a very bad idea for what she's trying to do.

Check out the web site. The only way to interact with it is a "guestbook", but the entries are moderated, with delayed posting. I assume this is to prevent spammers.

I'm not harshing Brenda.

My brother tells me she works hard at "tweaking" the site.

I feel sorry for her. She's wasting vast amounts of time and effort, with slight results. The current site is little more than a photo gallery.

Paradice Beach web site needs, on the home page, a tagline, site owner's name, contact info, and a clear menu of navigation. Placing text on top of photographic images is not a good idea, and the text is hard to read. It would be better to put captions under the main photos, and put nav text in a separate sector.

This site is a perfect example of how blogs are infinitely superior to static web sites.

A blog is easily and quickly updated with fresh content.

A blog enables readers to interact via comments.

A web site "guestbook" is inferior to blog comments. Blog comments can be context-specific, and a vital part of a conversation.

Whereas a "guestbook" just sits there, accumulating remarks, but the guests are disconnected from each other, cannot chat with each other like they can at a blog.

By using a blog, Brenda could provide her Paradice Beach fans with RSS feeds, email update subscriptions, an email message form, a sidebar with peripheral information, a photo gallery, audio, podcasts, video, art submissions, categorized and easily searchable archives, and better search engine results, especially with Google.

No offense, Brenda.

But I have to be blunt, direct, and swift in my analysis and recommendations. I don't have time to be delicately diplomatic, to beat around the bush and gently lead up to my main points.

I am a web usability analyst first, a blogologist second.

Lately I've put far more emphasis on blogs, because they have vastly more potential, especially for individuals and little sub-culture groups, than conventional web sites.

The blog is ideally suited for such things as the Paradice Beach organization and the events they sponsor.

Brenda, dear friend, it's high time you got hip to blogging. I can help. Email me soon. Thanks.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Contemplative Garden Hoe

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Anonymous said...

I don't think most of the people that visit paradice beach are literate enough for a blog to be useful. Navigating to a photo page is even a stretch................................just kidding. Great idea.