Thursday, July 21, 2005

New blog by Steve Weber

New blog by thought leader Steve Weber, Professor of Political Economy, University of California, Berkeley.

It's so new, it has as of today, only two posts.

Steve Weber/Politics and Economics

"research, arguments, ideas, and musings about what is uncertain and important in international political economy"

I noticed that his About Me page is still under construction.

Here's an excerpt from a First Monday peer review of Steve Weber's book Success of Open Source.


Of course, the success Weber describes has potential repercussions far beyond the realm of software development.

If the Open Source process can (as has been shown) be used to create excellent, commercially viable software, then can it not also potentially be used in other creative processes as well?

Weber poses this question and offers several possible answers, but reigns in his enthusiasm before it goes too far.

This is an example of one of the book’s many strengths. Weber never falls prey to the hyperbole that surrounds any new and radically different system.

He proposes potential applications of OS to areas beyond that of software (219, 223–225, 241–243, et al.) with admirable restraint: "The success of open source software clearly will have implications for industry structure and the shape of markets in computing and information processing" (219).

He then goes on to state that "... the disruptive effects of the open source production process could be as great or greater outside the information sector, at first because of the increased efficiency of information processing that will affect many other activities, and second because of the spread of the model of production itself to other sectors of the economy" [emphasis added] (223).


Notice that even in this serious, scholarly, academic blog the tagline speaks of "research, ARGUMENTS,..."

So why do so many bloggers think a blog has to be sweet, diplomatic, nice, non-confrontational, all-embracing?

Surely this "nice blogging" ideal is a hoax, a fake, a pansy prancing around the sharp edged truth, is it not?

Yet many bloggers think, "one mustn't argue or stir up conflict or heated debate."

Thank goodness for blogs that come right out and say "argue with me if you wish, I can take it, I'm not a crybaby."

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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