Sunday, July 24, 2005

My final comment...

My final comment on The Red Couch blog, a blog that is allegedly about writing a book on business blogging.

The blog is by Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble and marketing consultant Shel Israel.

This blog is supposed to be telling corporations why they need blogs and how to blog.

I think this blog should set an example. It doesn't.

They leave comment and trackback spam and abusive comments on it. This is a terrible violation of the core values of blogging, ethics, etiquette, and user friendliness.

I have no wish to cause ill will between myself and Robert and Shel, or Microsoft. I like them. But what is going on with this lack of professionalism?

I've emailed them and posted hints and pleas at the site, regarding this spam problem. I've given up. They obviously don't care.

I have spent much time and effort trying to help them write and market their book. I was able to convince them to not call it "Blog or Die". I have given them a lot of free marketing advice and have received prompt replies to my questions in emails to them both.

I'd like to think that all three of us, and Microsoft, have benefited from our exchanges.

But this lack of diligence in preventing and deleting spam is not right. It's wrong.

I would be playing favorites if I let this pass, without remarking.

I present this post with great sadness, perplexity, and misgivings about their true intentions.

Here is my final comment over there, preceded by their most recent post, under which I posted my comment.



July 23, 2005

Who Blogged in a Crisis

We are now into the stretch--three chapters and 10,000-15,000 words to the end of Naked Conversations.

We've loved writing this book and we'll miss it when it's completed.

We are now writing a chapter called "Blogging in a Crisis."


But we are looking for your help.

Please tell us who you know of who has used a blog to reduce the intensity of a crisis or has blogged to successfully avoid having one.

We're also interested in hearing about companies that got hurt by not blogging.

Please keep those cards and letters coming in.

Membership-supported Naked Conversations depends opon readers like you for support.


I've lost my patience with this site.

How can you think you can write a book on blogs when you can't even delete comment spam?

This is a poor example of a "business blog".

I no longer have any confidence in this project.

Posted by: steven streight aka vaspers the grate | July 23, 2005 10:38 PM


Lesson learned: be reserved in your praise, hesitant in helping others, and gentlemanly in your severing of ties.



steven edward streight said...

Here is the comment posted at The Red Couch in response to my "final comment":



I cannot speak for Robert, but I delete comment spam several times daily on all of my postings. Where is this comment spam?

Posted by: shel Israel | July 23, 2005 10:42 PM


MARYBETH said...

can you please show specific examples of what comment spams look like ???

I am not "getting" this issue.

N a m a s t e ,

Karen said...


Steven did write a good post about comment spam and what it looks like here:

steven edward streight said...


Just follow that link to The Red Couch (recently renamed Naked Conversations, but that sounds like porn, so I avoid saying it).

Look at post "Corporate Blogging Tip #6: add comments".

Loads of lovely disgusting comment spam, unless they busted butt to remove it.

Comment spam is common in business blogs.

Art Forum magazine online had so much comment spam, I quit visiting it, my favorite art magazine.

Often comment spam will be a long list of URLs for web sites promotiong pharmaceuticals, sex medicines, loans, cheap software, or pornographic material.

Often comment spam is vulgar, sexually abusive, homophobic, racist, perverted, etc.

If you have not seen it, I envy you. It can be really ugly and filthy at times.

I've only had it on my blogs one week. I turned off comments on all my blogs, for about a month or two.

I explained in my sidebar why I had to turn off comments temporarily.

Now I don't ever have to do that. I have an effective fast response system to neutralize comment spam.

You do too.

steven edward streight said...

P.S. You can search my archives for my essays on this subject, especially:

"Comment Spammers: internet pigs and how they feed".

Karen said...

Uh, Steven, where can we search on your blog?

Maybe it's just well-hidden somewhere among all of the other buttons/links/images/etc on the blog, but I couldn't find it :-)

steven edward streight said...

Karen: I've been thinking of adding a sidebar notice about how to search this blog.

Up there, at top of blog, where there is a text entry box, followed by the word "Search".

I typed in "comment spam" (no quotes) and here is what came up:

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 122 from for comment spam. (0.22 seconds)

[deleted sponsored link text]
Vaspers the Grate: Comment Spammers: internet pigs and how they feed
Comment spam is invading every interactive and community building ... But the comment spam is not legitimate, not ethical, and will soon become totally ... 10/comment-spammers-internet-pigs-and-how.html - 56k - Cached - Similar pages

Vaspers the Grate: Coming Soon: Shun List of Spam Friendly Blogs
You post a comment: "Please remove this comment spam above this comment. ... I will post a list of blogs and bloggers who allow comment spam and trackback ... 06/coming-soon-shun-list-of-spam-friendly.html - 46k - Cached - Similar pages

Vaspers the Grate: Content Hypertext Spam
Content Hypertext Spam goes far beyond simple Comment Spam. To be bothered or led astray by Comment Spam, you have to read an article, then activate "Read ... 2004/11/content-hypertext-spam.html - 47k - Cached - Similar pages

Vaspers the Grate: Against RSS Feeds: Link Overload and Spam
This link gives info on "spam flavors"--Basic Comment Spam, Comment Spam Bot Flooding, Trackback Spam, and "Email This Article to a Friend" Spam: ... 02/against-rss-feeds-link-overload-and.html - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

Vaspers the Grate: A Basic Guide to Power Blogging
WARNING: DO NOT spam other blog sites. Blog comment spam or "flyblogging" ... Probably to ward off any expectation that the comment spam will be relevant to ... 2004/10/basic-guide-to-power-blogging.html - 50k - Cached - Similar pages

Vaspers the Grate: November 2004
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Vaspers the Grate: Mysteries of Double Blogging
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Vaspers the Grate: October 2004
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Vaspers the Grate: Be Provocative or Passionate
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steven edward streight said...

P.S. Please note that there are 122 results found for "comment spam" (no quotes in text entry box).

So this is just the first page, reproduced above.

Site Searches generally exhibit poor usability and poor functionality.

How miserable it is when you go to a site, you know for sure certain type of information is on it, but the archives are not categorical (mine are not, not yet that is), there is no navigation tool that can help, site map doesn't show it, site index doesn't show it, and there is no site search function.

Or you try the site search, but no results are given. Yet you know the info exists at the site.

For example, you posted a comment at the site and you deliberately used the word stellar.

So you type in stellar. No results foound.

So you type in your name. No results found.


You have to keep typing in words and phrases until you hit on the one that will bring up the result you seek, the page containing the info or name or whatever.

You have motivated me to put something on my sidebars about site searches.

Once again, dear friend: THANK YOU!


Karen said...

Ahh, but you see, I have been trained to not even look at that "Blogger" menu bar up at the top and didn't even realize it included a search box for your blog.

I was looking for a Google or Technorati or a text box on your sidebar that said "Search".

Now, I know where to look. :-)


steven edward streight said...

Okay. I'm working on a workaround or other gizmo.

Coming right up in fact.