Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is blogging an extreme sport?

Yes, blogging is an extreme sport.

You'd better face the facts now.

Don't roll your eyes and think I'm exaggerating.

Cause of Death: Blog-related

Blogging can be very dangerous, even in America.

Some bloggers are killed because they blog.

Murder of bloggers occurs mainly, but not only, in nations ruled by religious fundamentalism, Communism, and dictatorships.

This is why I'm aggressive in my blogging. I'm grateful that I have the freedom to speak boldly and truthfully.

Blogging Dangers

Here are just some of the potential hazards of blogging:

1. murder, imprisonment, and violence

2. fired from job

3. divorce

4. alienate friends and family

5. other bloggers attack ("flame") you on your blog

6. other bloggers publish posts against you on their blogs

7. spouse feels neglected

8. details about your children attracts perverts, predators, kidnappers

9. voicing controversial opinions gets you banned from web sites, blogs, forums, traffic exchanges, discussion lists, other online communities or services

10. too many private details attracts identity theft criminals

Are You a Gentle, Mellow, Soft Blogger?

Even if you are a mild, nice, happy blogger, the time is bound to come when someone posts a negative, filthy, abusive comment on your blog.

Nearly every blogger, at some time or other, has to deal with comment spam, trackback spam, and other forms of cyber vandalism and digital thuggery.

You cannot prevent negative events from happening in relation to your blog.

You cannot stop other bloggers from saying bad, false, or crazy things about you on their blogs.

Sometimes offering advice to another blogger can make them hate you, blacklist you, and spread rumors about you.

Blogging: Not for Cowards or Pampered Babies

Welcome to the rough and tumble world of blogging.

It's not all roses and pillows and smiles.

It can get pretty rugged and tough.

Some reports mention bloggers having mental breakdowns and severe depression due to negative aspects of blogging, or just plain old burn out.

Be sure to have other hobbies, interests, activities.

Get outside as much as you can.

Endure the heat waves and freezing temperatures.



Be Yourself and Transcend Your Ego.

I'm cheering you on, friend!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


MARYBETH said...

Geez Loise Steven....

please lighten up!!!

what if cows flew??

what if there was enough room for everyone?

what if Narciccistic cows flew??

what if co-dependent cows flew

what if nice people really exist??

what if peace really is possible??

what if someone truly cared??

what if deconstruction was replaced with construction?

What if the curtain was pulled on the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz???
what if ???

steven edward streight said...

My favorite Extreme Sport Blogging story is that one about the guy, in America I'm pretty sure, who typed in the name of his killer on his blog.

He was working on his blog, writing a post, someone came into his house, shot him, and as he was dying, he had just enough energy to type the name of his murderer into the post and publish it.

The cops discovered it and arrested the homicide perpetrator.

Sounds like a legend, but it's true. I will track it down and post it here.

Then there's the curious story of our friend Carrie of Om Namaste who got kicked in the face for questioning the cultish clique of mommy bloggers at Blog Explosion.

I mean she got banned or her account was cancelled or whatever those wussies did to try to "harm" her. Schmucks.

No Blog Tyranny...Think as Weirdly as You Wish!

MARYBETH said...

"As J. Krishnamurti said: we are known via our relationships with other things and people.

How we treat objects and persons reveals who we are.

Relationship is the mirror."


N a m a s t e,

MARYBETH said...

"I am so imaginative and creative (I almost said "devious"), I just might make a Mommy Blog myself.

I can claim to be a woman, and that I have two babies, one is one year old the other is of unknown age.

I can do a Parody Mommy Blog. My other 10 or 12 blogs will just have to suffer less frequent updates.

Hmmm...should I do the Mommy Blog From Hell?

I really wanna. I hate that psycho mothering obsessive compulsion so much."

Your Words Left On Carrie's Blog

steven edward streight said...

I'm just trying to think of a name for the Parody Mommy Blog.


"My Children Are Me"

"Vicarious Life"

"Changing Diapers is Drudgery, But My Husband is Getting Good at It"

"Perpetually Pregnant"

"Pregnancy Addict"

"Without My Children to Yell At, I'm Empty"

"Ritalin Doper"

"Child User"

I haven't decided yet.

I'm not totally convinced that the sane mothers will laugh enough if I don't use really funny post titles and a good blog title.

God Save Motherhood!