Monday, July 25, 2005

Hardcore Blogger's To Do List

Hardcore Bloggers have their hands full, there's a lot on their plates, and they eat it with their fingers, sloppily, but quickly and efficiently.

For example, you should see the stacks of books, piles of printouts, towers of CDs, and reams of rancid paper notebooks that swarm my computer workstation in my office right now.

By my computer monitor are:

* a little porcelain boy angel praying (I assume he's praying for my blog to hurry up and become interesting to more than 5 and 1/2 people)

* a tiny double-headed doofus toy figure (or "fugue"?)

* a roll of Scotch tape (for taping ignored notes to my monitor)

* twenty five colored and black ink pens and permanent markers

* fifty thousand scraps of paper with URLs and quotes scribbled incomprehensively on them

* a book about Kenneth Patchen, the beatnik back-spasm poet

* an empty Kahlua Cappaccino Shake bottle

* my list of 73 top bloggers for my book Secrets of the Blogging Pros

* a vial of patchouli oil

* an antique watering can with seed packets in it

* what looks like one of my fingers, but is prolly a French fry or pencil stub

* a photo of Jacques Derrida, my hero

* a photo of Andrea, my wife.

Now, friends, I shall reveal what I consider a decent Do It list for hardcore bloggers.

Hardcore Blogger's To Do List

1. Check Gmail inbox email messages, and reply to all.

2. Check Gmail inbox blog comment notifications, and reply to all comments posted at my blogs.

3. Read other good blogs from my blogroll list.

4. Determine if these blogs are saying something smart or stupid that I should post about on my blog.

5. Post intelligent, provoking, or funny comments at other blogs on blogroll.

6. Read books on webonomics, marketing, HTML, CSS, web usability, web design, depth psychology, metaphysics, deconstruction.

7. Search for quotes from these books that might make a good blog post topic.

8. Check my secret online notifications and alerts for good blog post topics.

9. Ponder my blog posts and think of what I haven't written about but should.

10. Create artwork for future blog posts, to have on reserve.

11. Write new blog posts, accompanied by hypertext links and artwork.

12. Ponder sidebar for new badges and functions that I consider necessary.

13. Check blog stats on Blog Patrol site (seen first at Dvorak Uncensored).

14. Hope that someone benefits from my posts, or has a well-deserved nervous breakdown, due to not understanding my sarcasm, satire, or surrealism, thus taking certain tongue-in-cheek statements far too seriously and paranoically.

Now...what is your version of a "hardcore blogger's to do list"?

Post a comment or email me.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Chris Ritke said...

Funny - I just posted a photo of my desk a few days ago... I suppose you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their desk... I am wondering about the vial of patchouli oil on yours though. What's that about?

And: I don't really have anything to add to your to-do list... but I must say that I don't consider myself a hardcore blogger (yet) - my podcast is taking up so much of my time... so maybe I'm becoming a hard core podcaster!

By the way - I'm going to Blogher this Saturday - anything in particular you'd like me to report on?

steven edward streight said...


I used to sprinkle patchouli oil on me when I was an industrial hippie punk kid.

Then when I lived in NYC East Village, I used to smell patchouli oil on guys my age over around St. Mark's, Greenwich Village, NYU campus, and also around Tompkins Square Park, Pyramid Club, and King Tut's Wah Wah Hut.

So I associate it with hipness. It has an aggressive scent that intimidates others and soothes the soil, I mean, soul.

So a few weeks ago I was in a nearby hippie record shop Younger Than Yesterday, next to the postpunk boutique and the biker tattoo parlor.

There was patchouli, patchouli musk, strawberry, and other oils.

I bought a vial of patchouli oil just for old time's sake and in honor of my post-yuppie, ex-hippie, pro-flower power allies all over the world.

Post something about Hardcore Podcasting.

What about Odeo? Why don't you hook up with Evan Williams and Odeo? I think they need pod-content.

And Odeo is hiring.

steven edward streight said...

Very Vanilla Soy Milk sucks. Too sugary. For children, not adults.

Chris Ritke said...

The podcast is in Odeo... now I've got to get it into iTunes. Hm.

Off topic: I just glanced over at your side bar and noticed you're listening to Sterolab. Awesome. They go really well with patchouli / hipness / post-yuppie / ex-hippie / pro-flower power! I've been listening to their music for eons. I just read that 'Oscillons from the Anti-Sun' is a compilation - is there any new stuff on it?

atoep said...

Funny post.

steven edward streight said...

S=ee? that's really nice.

someone took the time to tell me my post is funny.

I like comments like that. Simple. Short.

Unfortunately nothing to argue about, but you can't have it all all the time.

Thanks, uh, atoep.

Must be Pythagorean.

steven edward streight said...


Oscillons LP has some tracks new to me. They are British singles, b sides, EP tracks, compiled, yes, but about 15 new tracks to my ears.

I buy all my CDs from Barnes and Noble and go to their web site to see track listings and hear audio clips.

"Young Lungs", "Escape Pod", "Off on", "Allures", "Fruition", "Flourescences", "Narco Martenot", "Moodles", and others are new tracks to my ears on Oscillons.

My favorite Lab CD though, recently, is Margarine Eclipse. Way good.

steven edward streight said...

Doug McCombs is a guest bass player on some StereoLab CDs.

His band is Tortoise and Eleventh Dream Day.

He is an old friend from Chicago, and he played in my band Camouflage Danse.

MARYBETH said...

my comment just dissapeard into the world of Halo Scan or whatever the hek it is =0

about the desk.......


W H A T !......NO SCISSORS? , a craft set actually with varying edges for maximum creative possibilities

WHAT- NO PLAY-DO ? for free form expression, and increasing manuel dexterity.

WHAT NO PERSONALLY DECORATED MAGNET BOARD?- to put all of those ignore notes on, which can be layered and rearranged during times of frustration, or creative blocks. great place to hide messages you dont want to return, and when you tell so and so "oh im so sorry, i seem to have misplaced it" You arent lying...well not technically.

WHAT?? No smiley face stickers to leave on blogs that you like

just post your mailing address and I will ablige. Someone so GRATE, cant be without these basic survival items

steven edward streight said...

MB: my mailing address is all over the place on my blogs.

At BCV it's right there under the title.

At VTG and BCV it's under that sidebar badge "Contact" or "Email Me".

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

I do have scissors, two pairs.

One is for cutting paper.

The other is for cutting labels with sticky glue on one side. The glue gums up that pair.

One of the songs I did in my electronic band, as I performed, a woman singer, Wendy, whom I called Celeste Vespers, she sang this lyric she made up:

"Like a dog without a bone.

Without you I'm so lonely.

Like a half a pair of scissors."